ybf goodies to brighten up my Tuesday!

Well what a pleasant surprise-I received a lovely package from your best face (ybf).  It contains their skincare….but let’s get right to the photos:

written material in my box from ybf-plus a handwritten note from Darrell!

I like the thorough descriptions of all the products.  The CD kind of ‘fills in the gaps’ about the company and it’s founders (Darrell and Kimberly).  The personal note is a wonderful touch-thank you Darrell!

correct invigorating eye cream-it has its own box!

prep: brightening exfoliant

I used this on my face this evening (the directions state to use the product at night), and it felt great.

lip care: define and quench

restore-a vitamin C based skin brigthener

hydrate B-Hyaluronate, pathenol, niacin, DMAE; B vitamins to improve skin's ability to absorb

ferulic acid, spin trap, lipochroman-6, vitamin E; serum with anti-aging ingredients

wrinkle reducer, sun damage repair, complexion rejuvenator; right up my alley!

defend: wrinkle prevention, balances oil and shine, hydrates and tones

Okay so I have only used the prep so far…but I am VERY excited to use the rest of the products.  The literature included in the package is so informative and thorough-it makes me want to use the products-all of them right NOW!

So a big thank you hug to Kimberely and Darrell for being amazing and sending me this kit to try!  A thorough review of the products will follow after I have used them (of course).

Can your Tuesday top  mine?

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  • missmarisol

    I haven’t heard of this brand before. Look forward to your thoughts on the products.

    Compared to your Tuesday, mine was pretty blah. The only exciting thing was that I made a new salad which is somewhat low on PP+ and really yummy.

    • meredith

      Yes, I am anxious to try the entire line. I was so excited I almost put everything on all at once!