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Cherry Lo, avid biker and fitness enthusiast….has been RAVING about Cykl Studio. I let her talk me into attending a class tonight.

We got to the studio early so Jen, the instructor (and manager according to the business card she gave me) could adjust the Real Ryder bike for me and give me the gel seat, and shoes.  She also clipped me into the bike-I am hoping that I will get that myself (the adjustments) when I attend my next class.  It’s never comfortable, but I felt I could tolerate it.  Jen gave me a quick rundown of turning because YES the Real Ryder bikes move, and how to adjust tension.

From L to R, Cherry, Me, Jen

my gel seat.....

Shoes that clip into the bike...

My after....I wouldn't turn around because the back of my shirt was DRENCHED

The Cykl studio

Little did I know Cherry had me going to the HARDEST class that the studio offers….one of the Tour de France level classes (yes, Lance Armstrong level).   I wanted to knock her off her bike at several points throughout the class but the people at Cykl must have known that because (conveniently) she was out of reach.

That class was beyond difficult.  There weren’t hill climbs, there were MOUNTAIN climbs.  There were turns, in and out of the saddle, adding tensions, downhills, intervals-you name it, it was in that class.  I actually think I lost a pant size by the time I was finished (the class was 60 minutes).

But even though it was hard, I DID have a good time.  Cykl is pretty unique.  I love that the bikes move-and that they have the Tour de France on a screen behind the instructor.  The music is REALLY good-exactly what I would play if I was biking/working out.  I also enjoyed the enthusiasm of the instructor.

Will I  be returning? Probably-not sure when….it won’t be this week, but I can see myself back at Cykl for an intro class in the near future!  Thanks Cherry Lo-I am sure I will have difficulty walking tomorrow, but it was worth it.

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p.s. isn’t the logo for Cykl cool?


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  • Cherry

    You wanted to knock me down?? I’m glad you enjoyed it. And I swear I wasn’t aware of the intensity of this class until yesterday. Please don’t give me evil stares tomorrow!! It’s team-building day afterall! HA

    • meredith

      cherry-when Jen said “This is not a beginner class”, yes I did want to knock you down.
      No evil stares….that class made me realize that I have to be more ‘well rounded’ with my fitness. I work out almost everyday but that class had me winded quickly. Looks like I will just have to return to CYKL!!

      • Cherry

        You are more open than me. If you asked me to go to your dance classes, I’m going to give you a big fat NO!

        • meredith

          Well that’s certainly less than ‘open-minded.’

          Firstly, I wouldn’t ask you to attend a specific dance class with me! Learning the rhumba, or salsa isn’t your thing! I WOULD ask you to go to Zumba with me because that is more fitness oriented. So do whatever you need to do because you WILL be coming along at some point.

  • jen

    Lovely blogpost! You rocked that class harder than Armstrong on the Col du Tourmalet 🙂 Hope you come back soon! P.S. I heart Cherry for dragging you out tonight! She’s so AWESOME!


    • meredith

      Jen-you are a fantastic instructor and the class was difficult but motivated me enough to want to try again!

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    July 14, 2011 - 10:36 pm
  • missmarisol

    The best part is that you enjoyed it & will be going back.

    • meredith

      @missmarisol I am starting to really appreciate my new experiences!