I’m a survivor-cottage weekend 2011

After 4 years in the U.S. Army one thing I promised myself is that I would NEVER EVER camp or do any (extended) outdoor living for the rest of my life.  During my time in the military, we were in the field from a single weekend up until months at a time.  It was rough….and made me appreciate the indoors and living space to the nth degree.

The other half has been on me for years about visiting his family’s cottage.  I asked him to give me the ‘hard truth’ about the place and he did.  It was what I thought he would say-bugs, dirt, outhouse.  So my answer was always ‘No way!’.  Over the years, I came up with various excuses- school, pets, other (indoor) events, the lack of indoor plumbing.

That ended this year.  His father built a bathroom (Canadians call it a washroom).  So this year, I was out of excuses and off I went.

Many people have asked me where this cottage is (geographical location).  I have finally figured that out as well-it is NORTH between Belleville, Ontario and Madoc, Ontario (being closer to Madoc).  We took off on Friday-got stuck in the normal everyone-in-the-city-is-leaving-early-Friday-traffic and finally arrived about 7pm.

No doubt it’s quite lovely:

At the entrance to the cottage

And some other exterior shots:

Unsure of what I have gotten myself into

Lake Moira

Now let’s get in the water-yes, kayaking people:

Okay enough with the pictures of me in the kayak….here’s a shot from the water.

It was quite quiet and peaceful….to be expected when so far from ‘civilization.’

Of course, I indulged-we took the advice of a local Foodland employee and went to Uncle Tom’s Ice Cream Cabin to eat inhale some Kawartha Dairy Ice cream.  No, I would NOT take photos of me eating the ice cream but take my word for it, I had a double scoop cone!

I did not indulge in these tarts but they look delicious

We also cooked on the ‘grill’ -chicken with mushrooms,onions, garlic:

I can handle this....

And check out the name of this salad kit-had to buy it!

Et Tu salad kit....thumbs up!

But of course we indulged in the local food:

Our 'local' dinner

It's not NY style, but it was tasty

And then I managed to get up early this morning to catch this:


So-were there hiccups? Was I uncomfortable and inconvenienced? yes…but it wasn’t anything that was a deal breaker.  The dog was uncomfortable and anxious the first night but even she settled in the next day.  The bugs weren’t bad-especially after applying my Avon skin-so-soft AND that kept me moisturized.

Will I go back? Perhaps-now that I know what to expect.  It’s quite rustic-but with the indoor plumbing, I’m willing!

How was your weekend?  Anyone go to a cottage?

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  • Cherry

    Sooo……did you enjoy?

    • meredith

      Honestly, I wasn’t in love with it (but you didn’t expect me to, did you?)…but it was a good weekend thing to do. I just wish I had known more about the area. I am researching so that when I go back (take note-I said I would go back), I can go horseback riding and maybe hang gliding!

      Your bike ride photos are beautiful by the way!

      • Cherry

        Whoops, I commented too soon earlier; your post wasn’t even finished!! The scenery is spectacular. I love that sunrise picture. Thank goodness you had a good time – I thought those mosquitoes would spoil all the fun. I’ll give you props if you try out those 2 activities. I don’t have the guts to hang glide; I tried horse-backing before but……I think I prefer walking…..

        Give yourself a break for the ice cream – you deserved it after all the sweats!

        I tend to only take pictures at rest stops. But if I were to snap them during my ride – all the farmlands, winding backcountry roads, farms & such – you would understand why I love bike tours so much. The view along the way is always absolutely breath-taking.

        • meredith

          There WERE bugs but like I said, after applying the sss, I was okay (and also proud of myself for not using any harsh bug repellents on my skin). It is pretty there but I felt so ‘removed’ from everything.

          Yes for some reason, I am really reaching out and trying a ton of new things. Hang gliding would be the most extreme, but the place I am looking at offers a tandem ride-with an instructor. It’s pretty high up 1300 ft. We shall see. I still have to para sail.

          I have done horseback riding already-don’t want to get all fancy, just want a trail ride. That’s easy stuff.

          I am sure your scenery is just as spectacular as mine is but of course you are a speed demon and stopping during the ride would be out of the question (outside of rest stops).

  • Don

    It does look beautiful there. Being a city gal I’m glad that you found a PFD that matched the kayak colours. LOL. Kawartha dairy does make a tasty ice cream. I also agree about the sunrise photo….outstanding girl!

    • meredith


      I actually liked it…did some research on the two towns and I am going back to have fun (there are great things to do up to there-horseback riding, hang gliding, jet ski)

      • Don

        It does sound like fun, but when do you find the time to kick back and smell the roses as they say? Actually I do like to play hard myself…LOL.

        • meredith

          @Don well this will be the first weekend in over a month that I will actually be staying in Toronto. I don’t really like just laying around. There’s way too much to do! I have been on some kind of adrenaline kick lately

          • Don

            Sound like it what with the tour de France biking classes. Hard to keep a good woman down eh? I’m Canadian eh! Do these replies get sent to your phone or something? Man you’re quick.

  • amelia

    a) I had NO CLUE you were in the army, that is SO FREAKING COOL
    b) I hear you on the aversion to the rustic thing, boy bribes me HARD for the company…though idk why he even wants me up there in the 1st place when he has to do everything for me since bugs render me to a giant pile of hystarics…le sigh. Lol, well it looks like you still get some relaxing out of it!!


    • meredith

      @amelia thanks! Yes, I was in the US Army for 4 years! Got the pictures, uniform, and stories to prove it!

      Being outdoors isn’t my favorite thing to do but I have recently decided to be a bit more adventurous. If I have something ‘exciting’ to do while I am outdoors, it’s better!! Who knows, fresh air may win me over!