Beauty al Fresco! My introduction to Apothekerri beauty & curiousities

Ahhhh the power of twitter….gotta love social media.  Well of course, I love  it-especially when I meet people like Kerri Thomson, creator of Apothekerri beauty and cosmetics.  She recently hosted an event, ‘Beauty al Fresco’ to which yours truly was invited.

Firstly, Kerri is smart for luring me in with food…..all she had to do was mention the home made strawberry salsa and chocolate margaritas!  Ding! Winner winner! In all seriousness, I wouldn’t miss an event like this-I <3 Canadian talent!  But let’s take a look at the treats anyway…..

Home made strawberry salsa!


pineapple, cucumber, & mint salsa-oooooooh this was beyond delicious!

Chips are for dipping-and I dipped, she dipped, we dipped....

And let us not forget the delicious Chocolate Margaritas and the Red Velvet Margarita debut.

I digress…..let’s get to the real reason for Beauty al Fresco-the product, the company, the creator.

Kerri T., the brains behind Apothekerri beauty & curiousities

Kerri Thomson is the ‘face’ of Apothekerri beauty & curiousities.  By day she is the customer service supervisor for the Canadian office of a global skin care company.  Her love of makeup and all things beauty (and a fierce creative side) led her to launch Apothekerri products in May of 2011.  Did I mention she is also a makeup artist?

Let’s back up-but just a bit.  Straight from the beauty’s mouth (so yes, I am cheating a bit),  some history of  Miss Kerri:

“As for my background, here’s the Coles Notes: been working in the beauty industry for about fourteen years both in Canada, Have worked with such heavyweights such as Club Monaco Cosmetics (do you remember them? God, they had some good shit) and Chanel whilst living in London, England for two years and then onto seven years at Aveda here in Canada in Civello Salon as well as the corporate distribution office. Don’t know if I would refer to myself as a ‘makeup artist’ because it feels phoney to me to say that since I’m not *actively* doing it as a career at the moment, but it’s what I went to George Brown College for so I guess it’s partly true. I prefer to work with real people as opposed to models because it’s more challenging and rewarding, and you also get to engage the person in the process-which for me is the most fun. Models just sit there blank with no input because it’s all down to the creative director’s vision as to what’s going on their face. “

So suffice it to say, she is knowledgeable!

I was stalking errrrr, I mean ‘researching’ and found Kerri’s  style page….had to grab this quote from her. She says it best:

“My neverending search for a perfect Beautopia has led to the birth of a makeup brand based on beauty for the People, by the People. And no, I’m not a Communist”

Let’s look at some product:

Apothekerri and cheeky cosmetics

Kerri's expert application on Patricia

Of course you want to see what I purchased, don’t you?

blotting powder

lip gloss

And now for some ‘better’ photos:

Glossy goodness!

bronzer up close and personal

blotting powder and a brush-yes, Kerri has the tools of the trade available!

I will be reviewing these products after I give them a thorough ‘test drive’ (at least 2 weeks) but I can already say I am in love with the gloss.  It’s got that vanilla scent to it, but not sticky and applies like a dream.  Of course the color is perfect for me too.

This event was just darling-completely my speed….from food, to decor, to presentation and product (the packaging is so classy).  Apothekerri is in motion, and I am expecting big things come fall and winter-no pressure Kerri!  I highly recommend you check them out:

Kerri's business card!/aKbeautytoronto

Kerri also has a ‘shopette’ inside Dorly Designs.

Thanks to Kerri and her other half (the genius behind the salsas) for having me at this event!!


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