Saturday in Niagara-the princess gets drenched!

One of the many ‘perks’ of living in Canada as an American are days off for no reason.  In Canada, these days are titled “Civic Holidays.”  My company observes these days-so who am I to argue about having them right?

Frustrated by the fact that the “family” cottage was occupied this long weekend (and the fact that when I want to go there, I will now have to take a day off from work !@#$$@%^^&^* And the fact that the person who has taken this weekend from me is less than stellar….), I deemed this long weekend the ‘weekend of fun’.  I was determined to NOT stay in the city the entire weekend (and if I had to stay in the city, I was going to be out of the living space for sure).  Not a huge fan of the annual Caribbean Carnival either.  I tasked the other half with researching fun things to do (since I have been so adventurous lately).

*random though-I have been relying quite heavily on parentheses lately.  That should explained the jumbled state of my brain.* Now, back to the post:

We decided upon Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours.  If you haven’t heard about them, or seen the signs along the QEW, these are the high speed boats that plow right into Class 5 rapids along the Niagara.  The website is great and there are many options to choose from, most importantly being whether you want a wet or dry tour.  We ended up choosing the water to wine tour-which includes a wet or dry jet boat experience, followed by a tour of one (of several) local wineries.  I chose this mainly because I didn’t want to be around a lot (who I am kidding-I didn’t want to be around any actually) of children-this is MY weekend after all.  We packed bags with a change of clothes and were asleep quickly.

So we decided to get up early and get breakfast in Niagara.  Well that plan fell through as there was yet another fatality on the highway-leading us on a detour.  This is the second ‘incident’ we have encountered while on this highway.  I am beginning to think this is not a coincidence?  The first time, we were on our way to New York and someone decided to commit suicide by jumping off an overpass.  This time, someone decided to walk across the highway and was hit by a car.   *sigh* Thank goodness for small miracles-our GPS took us off the detour and we were back on track in no time.

Well not no time, because breakfast was out of the question by the time we arrived.  Nevertheless, we checked in, threw our valuables (and items to remain dry-that is why you will not see any photos) in a locker and headed to some bleachers for a safety orientation-given by a 20 something that couldn’t have weighed more than 100lbs.  It certainly seemed simple enough-put on life jacket and aqua shoes, sit on boat, enjoy.

Here is the standard ‘tourist’ photo before we went on the tour:

Before photo.....*spoiler alert* there IS no after. Just assume it looks nothing like the before

Yeah, well the first part of the ride was quite pleasant-smooth sailing through the marina.

Then it got real.  By real, I mean the boat powered up (all 4 ‘jets’)  The captain sent us into a spin that was dizzying and would take turns that had me inches from the water.  We got to see the boat that left before us hit the rapids and at that point, I was glad I had packed a towel.

When they say you get wet, they ain’t kidding folks.  I was drenched.  The captain took us through a ‘mickey mouse’ run.  Water came into the boat and I thought, okay my hair is wet whatever.  Then we went into our first set of rapids…..

I thought I was going to drown. The water kept coming and coming.  From where we were sitting, we had enough time to see the front rows get hit with the waves and take a deep breath.  Then it rained down upon us.  It felt like forever-the water and the force of it.  Then before we knew it, it was over.  There was not one inch of me that wasn’t wet or full of water.  The captain flew back to the dock which assisted in me not being as wet, but I could still hear myself squishing on my way to the locker.

So besides the tourist photo, I got this awesome hoodie-last one in this color and it had my name on it!

I <3 it! This is going to be my new 'thing' -hoodies from adventurous places

And now onto the winery-we chose Jackson-Triggs. I’ll let the pictures speak:

The grapes!

Yes please!

And of course, the best part of the winery? The 2 free bottles of vino we got after our tasting:

I'll take two!

Of course, by now we were starving….so we drove into Niagara on the lake and found the wonderful, Shaw Cafe & Wine Bar.  We were seated on the 2nd floor, outdoors….

more vino on the 2nd floor of Shaw cafe


Staircase in the Shaw Cafe

So after the cafe, there was some window shopping. Purchases? Mudslide coffee beans, an Austrian crystal headband.  But let’s face it, it’s not really about the shopping on such a nice day.  It is however about the Gelato:

Phew…what a great afternoon-couldn’t have asked for a better day.  So, person at the cottage who tried to ruin my weekend it didn’t work.  I guarantee I had a better start to the weekend than you, so HA!  But ultimately, it has nothing to do with the fact that I didn’t go to the cottage, it has everything to do with me doing more FUN things!

What will the rest of this weekend bring for you?

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  • missmarisol

    Looks like you had a great day! Wine tasting + gelato = yay!

    I had a relaxed weekend. I was supposed to go on a walk yesterday but stayed up too late on Friday night (4am) and this chick can’t handle late nights anymore.

    • meredith

      @missmarisol up until 4am? I haven’t seen 4am since my military days (and that was out of necessity of course). May I ask what fun and excitement you were having until the wee hours of the morn?

      I was trying to squeeze a workout in today myself but I couldn’t get into a class-it was “full” supposedly (I may post about this later).

      yes the wine was wonderful and so was the gelato. I am paying for it now-my face is starting to break out. That’s okay-going to sweat it out tomorrow for sure and get the weekend “out of my system”

      • missmarisol

        Sounds more exciting than it really was to be up that late. I was with friends and family drinking, listening to music and gambling (playing dominos). I won $40 that night! I only had two drinks and water for the rest of the night. It was funny seeing how drunk everyone else was getting.

        • meredith

          alcohol + $40.00 win =an okay no awesome night!

  • Cherry

    looks adventurous! never tried whirlpool jet before. Love the pink sweater; i got a coral pink sweater too on my trip! Did you go on a tour at Jackson Triggs?

    • meredith

      Cherry you’re back! How was your trip?
      Don’t even think about coming into work tomorrow without at least 1 photo!

  • Don

    Sounds like the Princess had an exciting time. I personnally love Niagra-on-the-lake. The Wineries, the Shaw festival, the wineries, did I mention the wineries? This time of year it’s the peach festival of course. Good times.