Bling is a girl’s best friend-the beginning of a beautiful relationship with G FOX GEMS jewelry…..

You may have seen my post about my TIMEBOMB watches from G FOX Gems…and if you have not, then click on the link and check them out.

I won’t say too much more about the watches, but let’s take a peek at my newest G Fox acquisition:

Beautiful, don’t you agree?  I am lucky enough to have met the brainchild behind G Fox recently

G herself.....


A list of her qualifications in her words, and a bit about what G FOX is up to these days:

G FOX has distinctions like:
G.G – C.D.G & M.V
those all stand for FANTASTIC —   Graduate gemologist, Certified Diamond Grader, & Master Valuer = adorable little tasty cake lol

Plans for the near future – branding branding branding…and new products (including fitted caps, new timebomb watch colors)

One of the things I like about G is something she told me recently:

…recognizing a jewellery brand & the coolest part I think – is .. people can meet me, You can’t very well meet Michael Kors can you– all you know is you like him lol”

So it’s obvious she is more than qualified…..

Now I love my Tiffany jewelry as much as any girl but G Fox Gems jewelry has this magnetic ‘pull’ on me right now.  G just unveiled some brand new items and has more in the works.  In addition, if you sign up for ‘Diamond Mail’, you get the inside scoop on what’s new, and the online specials!

So what’s not to love? The price is right and the jewelry is well made and just awesome!  Get your hands on some before there’s none left!

What are you waiting for? My choker necklace to match my  bracelet is in progress and rings are next on my list….you just can’t lose with GFOX!


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  • Cherry

    very perfect-o…..don’t forget to show me your necklace & ring when you get it!

    • meredith

      @Cherry Oh I love my bracelet so much! I think the ring will be next…and the choker/necklace will come later. I have been seeing a lot of interesting jewelry that I want G to design for me.

  • Being the topic of someones blog is SPECIAL
    August 9, 2011 - 3:11 pm