This is my Ontario….Cottage part deux-I have returned!

I am sure you have all read my previous cottage post so I won’t go through all of the history (again).  Short version-been with the other half for almost 10 years…just starting coming to the family cottage this year.  Thank goodness I have finally come to my senses, older and wiser perhaps?

This weekend was just as spectacular or perhaps more so than the last weekend. Probably because I did some research on the town of Madoc and we did some light exploring!

Smart move to take Friday off-cruised down the highway sans gridlock and sailed into the town.  Unlocked/uncovered everything and then went to the local grocery store for some food.  Decided that we would eat out once so trucked out groceries back, then headed back into Madoc. First stop, Ace Pizzeria:

Then we went across the street t

o check out The Dough Box. For all you non-rocket scientists out there, it’s a bakery:

Phew. Enough exploring…let’s get out on the water already:

look at the clouds!

And of course let’s not forget the awesome sunrise:

So what does one do after they have watched an amazing sunrise?

Why, they go to Amazing Coffee in Madoc!  And away we go….

Meet Bear, resident coffee dog 🙂

an Amazing Cappucino!

The owner of Amazing Coffee is Tony Long, a friendly and inviting gentleman who will foam your espresso based drink to perfection!  He did pick up on my novice kayak-er status-probably after my puzzled, “What’s a flat bottom?” look!!  Amazing coffee has regulars, some of whom were seated in front on the ‘patio.’  The inside of the shop is just as inviting as Tony-complete with tables, and some couches.  We ended up taking home some Bahlia Blue (a Brazilian coffee) based on a recommendation from FourSquare.  After a quick tutorial on FourSquare, Tony seemed impressed, we settled up and left to take on another beautiful day.

P.S. Amazing coffee DOES ship to Canadian addresses.  It’s worth it….believe me!

More kayaking, more sunshine, and more F-O-O-D:

This is how we cook-cottage style!

And there you have it.  Nighttime means movies and some late night talk about packing up and leaving tomorrow.  Bittersweet for now but looking forward to the long weekend.  We’ll be back!




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  • Cherry

    yum, what did you try in the Dough Box??? that cappuccino looks so amazing right now; thank goodness I am making some coffee as I speak. How long did you kayak for? Glad you had another good cottage experience.

    • meredith

      I tried a sticky bun-and let me tell you, it was fantastic. Of course, almost immediately after inhaling it, I hit the kayak to try to negate some of the damage!

      The cappucino WAS amazing….and so is the coffee….if you’re good, you may get some next time so make sure you check the website and pick the flavor you want!

      • Cherry

        WHAT?! Don’t toy with me! I plan on shutting my mouth tomorrow… arguments with Ms Karcher.

        • meredith

          @Cherry I will get you some coffee but YOU have to go to the website and decide what kind you want. I will be returning on the long weekend. Let me know before the 26th!

          • Cherry

            Very great menu! Bear is so cute. I’m sold with Bahia Blue… was recommended to you & it has hints of chocolate! SEMI-SWEET CHOCOLATE!
            I’ve tried Sumatra before (obviously not from this company…from Van Houtte) & I’m more into orig coffee flavour than flavoured ones.

            Those are good enough reasons right? How did you like Bahia Blue? Is it medium roast as claimed?

          • meredith

            Bahlia Blue IS amazing. I think we are going to try the Fisherman’s Dam Strong Coffee. Tony (owner of Amazing Coffee) actually sent me an email yesterday!