Sleek MakeUP Pout Paint party!

Imagine my surprise when @Beautycrazedcan a.k.a. Lisamarie asked yours truly if she was busy on August 20th.  My curious self had to inquire as to why….and of course only Lisamarie could’ve had one of the best invites I have received this summer….why, a pout party of course!  “Officially” this get together was to celebrate the launch of Sleek’s Pout Paint, which comes in 11 shades.  Sounds exciting!

So I grabbed @akbeautytoronto (and forced a shared driving situation upon our significants) and off we went to the suburbs!

Not only are the suburbs lovely, so is Lisamarie’s home:

What's a pout party without a gorgeous table (hello kitty confetti and lip whistles included)

Let’s not forget the pink balloons and snacks:

Balloons and snack/goodies corner (so you know where I was stationed)

blue alcoholic beverage....

El gato.....

Okay roll call-in attendance:

Lisamarie a.k.a. Beautycrazedcan

Jenny a.k.a. iceflurrie

Elaine a.k.a. TOBeautyreviews

Kerri a.k.a.  akbeautytoronto

Melissa a.k.a. Melissa_Shum

Fiona a.k.a. Fionaman

Me! a.k.a. ettuandyou

Here’s a great shot of all of us taken by Lisamarie’s husband Neil:

Elaine concentrating....

and let us not forget the ‘lip whistles’ Lisamarie had on the table.  Fiona certainly didn’t:

But let’s get down to the reason behind the get together, the Sleek Pout Paint:

Pout Paint

So the long and short of it was that we were going to be able to mix our own lip glosses using these (primary color) pout paints! We were given a small container with a mixing spatula and off we went!  We all had index cards to write down our custom creations.  Here’s mine:

and the different stages of  ‘creating’

makeup remover wipes came in handy for this event!

So Lisamarie had us flip our index cards over and kiss them.  Then we placed them on a wall and had us vote for our favorite (not our own).  The kiss with the most votes was the winner:

Kerri wins! And what a prize to be won-ALL of the pout paints!

My kiss print!

Kerri also won a special box 🙂

the prize winner's box!

a box full of kisses-Kerri shared them with me (or maybe I demanded them. I forgot)

Melissa having a good time....

Speaking of Melissa….she was kind enough to bring us all these fabulous CoverFX Mint Tint FX.  Glad these were not part of the swap-I happen to like them and will get physical if they are taken out of my hands.

Clever packaging from CoverFX

Mint Tint FX in Pink Copper

And as an added bonus, Kerri brought along her goodies (apotheKerri beauty and curiousities).   Looks like the girls had a good time with this-everyone dove right in:

Kerri, showing the ladies her apothekerri products

I'm a swatcher by nature

The ladies dive in....

As if we weren’t having a good enough time, Lisamarie decided to throw a “yankee swap” into the mix.  Oh boy, let the good times roll. In case you didn’t know, I can be a bit of a bully when I want something-especially a beauty related item.  I won’t get into the rules of the swap but let’s just say everyone had an opportunity to take items from other people. It could’ve been much uglier but I behaved myself rather well.  I do vaguely remember telling certain people that I would be waiting in the bushes for them afterwards.  Vaguely.  I could see fear in their eyes.  So here’s what I ended up with:

My haul-you should expand this picture to see all of the goodies.

jealous yet?

Phew.  That was a good time!

Thanks to Lisamarie for inviting me (I may not be asked to return 😛 )

I had a great time and love the Sleek Pout Paint!

Have you tried the new Pout Paint?

Ever participated in a “Yankee Swap”?



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  • Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)

    ahahahah! I didn’t even realize all the picture you took 😛 Curious to see what you will do with that bun….I think it will look adorable!

    • meredith

      @Elaine I try to average about 40 pictures per event. Sometimes, that’s not enough! I am determined to use that bun…and I have a feeling I will be using it for the holiday party at work. Just have to take it to the stylist to determine how to use it and work it in.

      It’s going to happen!

  • Lisamarie

    If you have ever been curious what a wild dog looks like when it ravages a wounded deer than just observe Meredith at a food table or Yankee Swap – it’s highly recommended that you move your fingers out of the way for fear of losing them…apparently it could have been worse as she “behaved” herself… I’m pretty scared to know what non-restraint would have looked like… 😉

    Best, Lisamarie

    • meredith

      @Lisamarie I couldn’t have said it better myself

  • Cherry

    I love your highlights in the group shot – they really stood out. I’m jealous of your Olay Professional Cleansing system. I’ve no idea how to use it, but I know it will do wonders for your skin. Really? I have to wait under Christmas to see that bun?

    • meredith

      @Cherry I have been wanting one of the Olay cleansers for awhile. I really really want the Clarisonic version but it’s way out of my budget! I heard the Olay version is great.
      The bun will have to wait until I dye my hair quite a bit darker as it is brown! It’s pretty ….but my hair isn’t brown (at the moment). This can change.

  • Jenny

    I can now say I’ve participated in a yankee swap!! 😀

    Great pictures on the coverage of the event! I love how the pout paints looked so vibrant on our lips even after giving the index cards a smooch!

    Can’t wait to see you again at another event 😉

    • meredith

      @Jenny agreed! Hope to see you soon-thanks for the comment!