Dermalogica Skin Savvy-overnight repair serum!

Oh Dermalogica how lovely to see you again on Thursday, August 18th!

There were 4 ‘rooms’ to see this time and I was given a “passport” that would be stamped after each presentation.  After filling up my “passport” and checking out, I would be given a gift.

This go-round, the event featured a new product called  overnight repair serum.  Let’s go to the photos of the space first:

delicious cocktails and a wonderful gentleman

a delicious concotion that included grapefruit juice and pear vodka

Let’s get to the learning….this event featured several ‘rooms’ and presentations.

My first room was the joinFITE room. Just in case you missed my last post on the Dermalogica SHAVE event, please go there for more information on this great initiative.

The second room I went to featured makeup artist, Diana Carreiro doing demonstrations and giving makeup tips.  It was also lovely to see 2 of my pals Davida (makeupdavida) and Elaine (TOBeautyreviews) be models.  Since they are already so naturally gorgeous (yes, I am jealous) and Diana is beyond talented, I’ll let the photos speak:

Diana Carreiro

Diana and the lovely Tiffany

close up of Davida's metallic eyes

And now for Elaine…I just love this look titled “Colorful Eyes”

look at those eyes-they look like a sunset!

Sorry fot he 'orb' of light....but I really like this shot.....

There was also a handout describing the “Top 5 looks for Fall/Winter ’11” that described the trends that Diana was demonstrating.  She also mentioned that she uses multivitamin power firm (from Dermalogica) as an eye primer.  Since I wasn’t a ‘model’ I would be interested to know from Davida & Elaine how well that worked…..I was told that a lot of MUA’s use it?

Next for me was a presentation on the overnight repair serum.  This was incredibly interesting and informative. 

Presentation on overnight repair serum

ingredients in the overnight repair serum

rose oil-an ingredient in the overnight repair serum

I think my favorite part of this presentation were how all the ingredients in the serum were displayed and talking about how the skin ages (the chemical processes and interactions) and how the serum works. I also liked that there was literature available for me to read on my own time.

The last room I saw was the treatment room with Charmaine.  She was giving a ‘model’ a skin treatment.  I wanted to take pictures as this treatment room was entirely re-done and had unique lighting inside that could be adjusted according to a client’s skin-care needs.  However, me being the epitome of grace knocked over one of the pillars in the room.  So after Charmaine (who really IS the epitome of grace) fixed that for me, I made a quick exit.  How embarassing.

So what’s a Dermalogica event without a great bag and some haul?

Dermalogica goodies!

Included was an awesome bag, a  sample of ‘pre-cleanse’, a full size of the overnight repair serum (yippee), a washcloth, and a travel case.  There was some literature included about joinFITE and a voucher for a complimentary skin treatment (YAY!!!).

Afterwards, I had a quick debrief with my pals Kerri, Jennifer, Tiffany, Anjali, Elaine, Davida, and Emily.  It was a great night for cocktails and great skin care!

I’ll toast to that!

Thanks Dermalogica!


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  • Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)

    Thanks for the shout out and great post!! OMG I had a disaster in the treatment room too! Charmain gave me a bottle to try the oil she was using and I squirted it all over my shirt!! hahahahaha!

    • She's So Savvy

      Great post and I love that overnight repair serum! I know when we were debriefing after we spoke about how not all products have to match in your skincare line but this serum is so good, I am considering switching my skin care regime!

      • meredith

        @Tiffany agreed….I really like the serum!

    • meredith

      @Elaine…spot was barely noticeable! but hahahahahah anyway 🙂

  • Cherry

    no picture of the treatment room =P


    • meredith

      no way…..I was too embarassed.

  • Cherry

    this time is more “feminine” focused! …brandon didn’t come?

    • meredith

      not this time…blogger and media only. It was fun!

  • lucy

    mmmm pear vodka and grapefruit juice… I’m going to have to give that concoction a try, it sounds delicious 🙂

    Pre-cleanse is one of my all time fave makeup removers… love it.

    The overnight repair serum sounds very promising, I might have to give it a go 🙂

    • meredith

      @lucy that drink WAS delicious.

      Dermalogica products are wonderful….I am loving the precleanse for removing makeup and the serum is perfect:) Highly recommended!

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