Glamour Sundays at Dorly Designs-the Beauty Frugaliste edition with apotheKerri beauty & curiousities!

Ah Kerri T, how you taunt me with your lovely cosmetics!

Beauty Frugaliste introduced the Fall 2011 collection of apotheKerri beauty.  This event was held at the current ‘home base’ of apotheKerri at Dorly Designs, a cute/trendy boutique space on Queen East.

Dorly Designs

Yes, it was glamorous all right

and now may I present, the ‘official’ apotheKerri beauty and curiousities shoppette:

I want this at my home! The dresser/vanity has my name all over it!

and the rest of Kerri’s products-beautifully displayed (of course):

Some of the new Fall 2011 looks from apotheKerri beauty & curiousities

Oh yeah! Home made whoopie pies, and cherry limeade!

So of course I was completely obsessed with the space and the design as well as the products.  So let’s get to Fall 2011-but first, the lovely Kerri:

apotheKerri's own Kerri Thomson

According to Kerri, the concept behind the ‘frugaliste’ is that you don’t need to buy an entirely new collection for fall….buy a few items and play with color and texture.  Interesting yes?

Fall 2011:


Black velvet-a matte black that can be used wet or dry (yay versatility!)

Discreet-neutral taupe-y brown


Sweet tart-shimmery pinky bronze blush


Seriously-true, glossy RED

Diva-high gloss fuchsia (pink)

Kerri had 3 ‘looks’ for fall:

Femme Fatale

Products used for Femme Fatale look


Products used to create Plumage look

New Naturelle look

Products used for New Naturelle Look

This was a wonderful event from the layout to the refreshments, to the new products.

If you haven’t tried apotheKerri, you should!  The products are amazing and there is a lot of thought and consideration that goes into color selection!

oh…and p.s. just an fyi, Kerri made (yes she formulated) an eyeshadow shade for me that I was having a lot of trouble finding.  Amazing, right?

So, can you guess which item I bought from the Fall 2011 collection? It shouldn’t be that hard if you know me 😉 I would love to see your guesses!

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  • Cherry

    What a charming place. The whoopie pies look so tempting. This event is so in your alley with all the pink!!! Oh boy, what you got?! Wild guess here, the diva lipstick, the special eyeshadow kerri made for you, and the sweet tart blush.

    • meredith

      @Cherry- I did get the Diva (of course) but that’s it 🙂

      It was fun-Kerri really knows how to put on an event!