The Adventures of Cherry & Meredith-SOMA chocolate maker

What an opportunity I have to work in the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto!  Lunch time is the time I drag Cherry off to whatever random place I happen to be thinking of at the time.  There’s something to be said about spontaneity…

Enter SOMA.  They have several locations in Toronto-we went to the King Street Store.  We had a great time and an incredibly patient, friendly employee.  He encouraged us to go to the back of the store to watch chocolate making in action:

SOMA on King Street West

Chocolate is made here! *cue heavenly sounding music*

What did we order you ask?

Well, I ordered the drink that SOMA is ‘known’ for-the Mayan Hot Chocolate.  It was everything I imagined it would be and more-with a nice, spicy kick at the end.  Cherry ordered a more complex, espresso based drink (it had 3 layers) but I  can’t remember the name and it’s not on the website!  I had a taste of hers and vice versa. Cherry also picked up a dark chocolate bar with chili pepper and I snagged some chocolate covered raisins, “old school” chocolate with sugar cane, and some honey shortbread for the other half.

It was a good day-perfect for a quick jaunt!

Are you lucky enough to have a chocolate maker in your neighborhood? What’s your lunch time jaunt spot/destination?


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  • Cherry

    Oh-M-GEE! I love SOMA. By the way, you never ‘drag’ me. It’s me happily tagging along, especially since I wasn’t haven’t such a good morning that day. 🙂
    Guess what? I’m enjoying your freshly ground coffee right now while watching your minutes of fame on I can’t believe they talked about Oatmeal. That’s another of my obsession. That’s why I snorted a bit when she said “banana & PB” is a “whoa” creation. Better yet….pumpkin puree with oatmeal. I make those combo all the time! 😀

    • meredith

      @Cherry woohoo! looking forward to visiting Thor soon!

      • Cherry

        love Thor. insanely delicious

        • meredith

          I am going to draft that post tonight. I love the latte art….it means the barista cares……lol.

  • Kerri

    And I thought the Tim Hortons opening next week downstairs from my work was exciting. I wish I had a SOMA nearby…where is the one on King Street?

    Great post as always…makes you feel like you’re right there along for the ride.

    • meredith

      @Kerri that is exciting….

      If we were just a bit closer to you work-wise, we would be dragging you everywhere too!