Class is in session, ring the bell-Vanity School Event at Gafas Optical Shop!!

Gotta love Twitter…..especially when my creeping,  no STALKERIFIC tactics and maneuvering lead me to events like Vanity School.  When I saw the advertising/announcement for this event, I knew I had to get a ticket fast.

The beauty brains behind this event was none other than a Miss Eliza from ilaika.People, you have to check out the website-it’s beautifuly done, but what else would you expect from a woman who looks like this:

The one, the only Eliza from

Besides being exceptionally qualified, Eliza has a wonderful personality to boot!

But let’s get to the event itself, because that’s the reason I was there, right? First up, the space-being the “keener” I am, I was there a tad early.  Mainly so I could snag some great photos, which I did:

Gafas Optical Shop on 561 Queen Street West

Yes, you read correctly (and if you didnt, head on over to Gafas for some new spectacles)-it’s an optical shop.  How beautiful!  Not sure what the connection is between ilaika and Gafas, but this was a great choice for Vanity School!  I couldn’t stop staring at all the different frames and sunglasses they had.

Moving on-

some of the nibbles at the Vanity School Event-don't you wish you had come?

cupcakes and pink popcorn! Yes, it was all scrumptious!

Amy from Industry hair styles a Vanity School attendees hair-curls with a flat iron!

Of course, as soon as I saw makeup, I ran right over to Inspire Cosmetics:

Inspire cosmetics

lippies from Inspire Cosmetics

Tanya from Inspire gave me a touch up and eyebrow shaping!  I so wanted to get the eyebrow pencil, but Inspire was SWAMPED.  Thankfully, I subscribed to their newsletter so I can find out where they will be next!

And look who I bumped into at the event….none other than Spiced Beauty:

I've said it before, I'll say it again, Jenn NEVER has a bad hair/fashion day!

We got some great massages from Maria Kovatchev-who may also be intuitive as after she touched my shoulders, said “Who is constantly giving you a hard time at work?”  Whoah…..but what a great shoulder/back massage.  Ah, the power of touch!

Jenn & I also stopped by She She Beauty, where the stylist was working on a model-esue Megan J(of Elevate, Salon Magazine fame).  Well, of course, Megan is already drop-dead gorgeous, so let’s have a looksie at her awesome hair style:

I love how the stylist used Megan's hair to wrap her pony-hot stuff!

We also attempted to get in Tessa Miltchin’s makeup chair but there were so many ladies waiting to speak with  her, that we stood back and observed (and ate more purple cupcakes).

Jenn stopped by Sherri Wu and got some strip lashes applied….and then her doe-eyed self offered to take a few shots of me learning how to flat-iron curl my own coiff.

First the before:

I'm so sad I don't have curly hair

Then Amy began my “lesson”

I'm really skeptical-will I be able to do what she's doing?

Thank Goodness Amy had some patience, because I was bombarding her with questions

My nervous face

So let’s give it a go….

Look mom! I am curling my hair with a flat iron! All by myself!

And voila:

I better start practicing, because now I want this everyday. Amy, I got you on speed dial!

So of course, Jenn was on top of things (and checking twitter) and scored herself a great clutch filled with products.  I scored an awesome bag from Industry:

I was SO happy to win this bag from Industry Hair in Yorkville!

I actually shared a product with Jenn and also with Kerri, who stopped in after work. Lisamarie  and any other pout-party attendees may have a hard time believing that.

When we left, we got a bag with goodies:

Adorable back from Vanity School

Bag contents

Vanity School faculty business cards=gold.

This was a great all around event-from the venue to the ‘students’.  Big thanks to Eliza and her crew, Ilaika, Gafas Optical, and all of the Vanity School Faculty.  I will definitely be using my complimentary ticket to attend Vanity Lounge!

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*Shout outs/acknowledgement to Jenn, Kerri, and Tiffany (who Kerri & I met up with afterwards).  I strongly urge you to follow them on twitter, and read their blogs! *

Other bloggers that I saw but didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with or even say hello to:







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  • Cherry

    Whoa, when was this? That looked fun. I always want to curl my hair with flat iron, but I always fail. Ah well. Those PB&J looks delightful. One of my fav lunches …hmmm 😛

    • meredith

      @Cherry it was several weeks ago….I am late posting it because I wanted to wait for some of the ‘faculty’ to have a chance to add any last minute tidbits! It was super fun! Come with me to the next one!

  • Alicia

    Looks like such a good time. I am so out of the loop when it comes to TO events. Next time you find a good one, let me know and I will come down for it.
    I have tried curling my hair with a flat iron so many times but it doesn’t work. Any tips?

    • meredith

      @Alicia my ‘tip’ is to call industry hair and ask for Amy-lol!

  • Abigail

    Aww, I didn’t get to see you after you had your hair curled. Now the BIG question is: Can you do it by yourself at home?! I know I still can’t 🙁 Need more lessons.

    Thanks for the shout out! Hopefully see you soon at another event by the lovely Eliza!

    • meredith

      @Abigail-my version of DIY is that I call Industry Hair Dressing myself. lol. I can not do it myself.

      I would love to talk to you longer than 2 minutes at the next event!! Hope you are going!

  • Kelly

    Your post has made me realize that I really need to start attending more events in Toronto… I’m really missing out! You guys learned and got to try out so much, I’m jealous! I definitely wanna check out the next Vanity School event! Btw, can you teach me some of the tips you learned on how to curl hair with a flat iron? 😛 lol

  • ElaineA

    Hahaha! M even though I was witness to your prize stalking abilities I know you are a sharer deep down inside 😛

    I’m so sad I missed out on this one 🙁 Hope to see you soon!

    • meredith

      @Elaine shhhhh don’t tell anyone