Ring the bell, school’s back in-Quaker Breakfast at School in Liberty Village

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day!  What better way to put that to the test than attend a breakfast event (featuring Quaker oatmeal) at School Bakery & Cafe in Liberty Village.  Quaker is kicking off their ‘Unlock Amazing’ campaign (on Facebook) to fight hunger across Canada.  It’s easy to donate, so please check the link out!

The other half and I arrived bright and early (and I mean early) at School. Yeah, we’re keeners. And now, for our “classroom”

Marilyn Smith teaches us about the importance of breakfast!

Marilyn taught us about the ABC’s:

A: A lesson in satiety

B:  Breakfast effects energy levels

C:  Creativity in the kitchen!

Jennifer Valentyne of BT fame also showed up for ‘class.’

Let’s get to the breakfast:

apple pie muffin-still warm.

French toast/strawberries

Oatmeal with berries, mixed nuts, and maple syrup-yummmmmmmmmmmmmm

I had noticed that there was a group of girls doing double dutch outside-what great entertainment!! Little did I know, this would end up a fierce competition. Jennifer Valentyne announced that there would be a double dutch competition and that there would also be 2 winners.

@Jayisphere jumping!

@phjoshua 's fancy footwork

the other half jumping

So, to make a long story short, the other half was one of the winners!  @phjoshua was also one of the winners but did a good deed and gave his prize to a woman with children.  Bravo sir, well done!

The @TheDanLevy was also around but kept a low profile during the jumping…something about having been out late the night before……

Okay so what did we win?  A trip to Great Wolf Resort for 2 nights-everything included!  Woohoo!! Can’t wait to book that-I am thinking winter time so that we can use the waterpark while it’s snowing outside!

And let’s not forget the backpack from Quaker:

Backpack contents

Phew! What a great morning-did some learning, donated to help fight hunger, learned a little, got fed, and laughed a lot.  All before 9am!  That’s my kind of curriculum!

If you haven’t clicked (yet) on the Quaker Unlock Amazing link, here’s another opportunity!

Also, @phjoshua wrote a fantastic blog post about the same event (it’s much better than mine, you really should check it out!)

Big thanks to Quaker, and School Bakery & Cafe for inviting me and having this event!  I enjoyed myself and left with a full belly and a smile!

Jenn Valentyne and I

Do you eat breakfast?  Is it oatmeal?  What is your favorite breakfast?


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  • ElaineA

    Ahhh so cool! I saw this on BT, I didn’t know you were there or I would have looked out for you!!! Great Wolf Lodge is soooo fun even without kids 😛

    • meredith

      @Elaine we actually taped this; hopefully I will be able to put it online!

  • Jillojello

    Looks like tasty fun. You are slowly becoming a prize winning master. I am going to break into your place and steal the oatmeal mug…I really need one of those.

    • meredith

      @jillojello that bowl is super cool…..I may just have to wrap it up for someone’s birthday that I missed.

  • Kerri

    Wow…the other half tends to win a lot, doesn’t he? And if it’s not him, then it’s you… Coincidence? I think not LOL!! What is it like if the two of you end up battling each other for a win, I wonder?

    Love the food at School, and that classroom setting was just darling. As for Jennifer Valentyne…not so much. I have my reasons.

    Great post, as always. Love your blog.

    • meredith

      @Kerri I have to say we sure have been having a lot of fun. This summer was quite memorable! One of the best things? I got to meet Y-O-U and try out apothekerri!

  • Cherry

    I do eat breakfast & oats happen to be my fav, especially with mashed up bananas or pumpkin purree, along with a spoonful of nut butter & some chocolate chips. What’s that object on the right in your backpack? Is that for making & storing oatmeal. I’m totally jealous.

    • Cherry

      I also like the ABCs, but I have to say I’m quite disappointed with what the “A” stands for. Needs more creativity there 😛

      • meredith

        @ Cherry so okay you don’t like the ‘A’ ….what would your ‘A’ be?

        • Cherry

          How about:
          1) Activate your metabolism
          2) Appetite is enticed
          OR oh my gosh, combine the two:
          3) Activate your appetite

          • meredith

            @Cherry we have got to get you on camera. You have missed your calling…..

    • meredith

      @Cherry I like the idea of the pumpkin puree….that sounds great!
      btw, hope you are feeling better and if you ever are in the mood for the oatmeal, I have a box of the Quaker in my bottom desk drawer. Help yourself.

      • Cherry

        I used to have a box too until I ate it all

        • meredith

          @Cherry the oatmeal is delicious!!!

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