September Glymm Box unveiling (video AND blog)

Sooooooooo I got my very first Glymm Box today!  I did what I have been seeing other bloggers do (such as LaceySmiles84) and  opening the box on camera! Check it out!



Want to brighten every month in a beautiful way? Try new products without leaving home? Become part of Glymm’s Beauty Community? Glymm offers a variety of subscription options that you’re sure to love!

Monthly Glymm Box lovingly packed with 4-5 luxury beauty samples Beauty Community for trend reports, expert advice and hot tips! Save $10 off products for every 100 Glymm Points Earn unlimited Glymm Points when you spread the word!


Since the ‘unveiling’ is over, here is a photo of the contents of the box:

My September 2011 Glymm Box contents

Okay so now about the products (taken from the product information card included in the box)….from Left to right:

The ‘sweets’ are jelly beans!

Oscar De La Renta-Esprit d’Oscar mini:  a bright, citrus, floral and warm scents surround you to relay your chic and sophisticated sides

John Masters Organics-Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Milk:  Delicate and mild, milk thistle, aloe and essential oils are absorbed quickly and happily to leave your skin replenished, detoxified and nourished in a most organic way.

John Masters Organics-Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Wash:  Nothing less than botanical, this all over wash foams to gently remove dirt and leave you feeling clean.

Vasanti-Rockies blush:  I described this as a ‘pink’ blush but it’s actually described here as:  silky smooth coral with subtle flecks of gold and silver.

Glymm Surprise-cute croc accessory:  a makeup bag (and I can always use one of those).

So was this box ‘worth it’?  For me, yes.  My favorite product is the Vasanti blush.  I adore Vasanti, namely because they are a Canadian brand and also because of the quality of the products.  They apply like a dream and are highly pigmented!

Normally, I would save items like the John Masters body milk and body wash for travel purposes, but I am so intrigued with the scent of these-I am going to be selfish and use them!  The Oscar? Well……I’ll give it a try.

Verdict?  The Glymm box is definitely a great concept-and who doesn’t like getting surprises in the mail?  Will I order again….probably.  These are products that I probably wouldn’t have bought without trying!

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Have you ever bought anything from Glymm? Have you subscribed to this type of service? What do you think about this type of service?



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  • Lacey

    Love this 🙂

    • meredith

      @Lacey thanks girl! Wait until you see what I am about to send you!

  • missmarisol

    Seems like you enjoyed your goodies. What made you decide to use this service rather than say Birchbox? I am only asking because I’ve never heard of Glymm before.

    Yay for jelly beans

    • meredith

      @missmarisol this service is based in Canada….no border hang ups!

  • Tamara

    You’re on video.. <3 Thanks for sharing & reminding me to follow up with Glymm!

    • meredith

      @Tamara Yes, follow up with Glymm!!

  • ElaineA

    Great video M! My favorite was the Vasanti blush and candy too 😛 Actually when I saw the candy I got distracted and started eating them before I checked everything else out LOL!

    • meredith

      @Elaine Oh those jellybeans were good, weren’t they? I loved the combination of vanilla bean and lavendar (?)

      The Vasanti Blush is grrrrreat. I was happy with my box!

    • meredith

      @Elaine Oh those jellybeans were good, weren’t they? I loved the combination of vanilla bean and lavendar (?)

      The Vasanti Blush is grrrrreat. I was happy with my box!

  • Cherry

    HAHA i love the look on your face when you said “well that was fast”. Thanks for the laugh. 😆 Love that makeup bag, so cute. And what do you mean you can’t speak French? The title of your blog has French!! 😉

    • meredith

      @Cherry-I try.