All things Chanel… very first Chanel event!

I have always had it in my mind that Chanel was an “off limits” brand for me.  Chanel is associated with luxury in my world ( and I know I am not alone there).  In addition, me being the person that I am (crazy+spontaneous+colorful), how could Chanel possibly fit into my life?

After Thursday, I am a believer.

Enter Donna, a coworker with a love of Chanel.  Now Donna (as you will see in the pictures) seems to me to be your classical or ‘typical’ Chanel type of girl.  Outfits put together from head to toe, hair in place, nails neatly manicured.  She is on point 24/7-corporate woman.  SHE had an  invite to the event and (graciously) invited me along.  I wasn’t terribly excited at first but thought it would be an AWESOME blog post.  So off we went, Donna with her beautiful suit, and me in my “I was out late last night so let me put on leggings and a dress” outfit.

There was a small area in the ‘cosmetics/beauty’ section of the store with some chairs, a computer and skin care/makeup (to include the Fall 2011 line which I was interested in).  I know you want to see pictures, so here they are:

In addition to the set up, there were beverages (I had Perrier) and truffles.  manifique!

And now, our Makeup Artist for today… Andre!

Andre from Chanel

And then before I knew it, I was up in the chair for some first class skincare and makeup application:

"Age Away" technique from Andre

And after he started cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, I realized that I was in front of people with NO makeup on.  That is a rare occurrence!

oh wow, did that feel great!

Andre working his magic with Chanel!

Things are looking up-No really, I am looking up because Andre told me too!

Makeup time!

Donna's turn!!

Andre applies mascara to Donna

And a close up:

After mascara application, what a difference!

See what I mean about Donna being a classic Chanel

And I haven’t even begun to gush about the staff and the other 2 fabulous ladies who were in attendance.  More from them in a moment.

First, some ‘rest room’ photos (I was speaking with @DeannaCaribbean about this)

Restroom shot #1 post Andre.....

Then the classic ‘kissy/fish face bathroom shot’-of course, this is ‘typically’ seen on Facebook:


So let’s talk about the other lovelies in attendance.  We exchanged pleasantries but I wanted to know more so I asked them to give me their thoughts on Chanel.  What the brand means to them, how long they have been using Chanel, etc.  The answers and responses I got were amazing so I had to include them:

Left to right: Donna, Andre, Peggy, Caitlin, Me!

So let’s start with Caitlin:

“I have been using Chanel for about 10 years or so, however before that I will always remember my first bottle of Chanel perfume (No 19) which was a gift from my brother, I must have been about 15 at the time and thought I was so sophisticated! (PS – Wasn’t the new version lovely?!)

Many aspects of Chanel appeal to me however the most notable difference is the quality and feel of the products on your skin – particularly with their eye shadows, they feel like silk and suede on your lids and blend beautifully.”

Now Peggy (who has beautiful skin by the way):

“Chanel make-up has always been my fave since my twenties. I always use their foundation in one form or another, and it has been over 25 years that I have done so. I’ve tried others but they do not measure up, in my opinion… the shades are perfect for my very light skin, the coverage is thorough without looking heavy and no irritation with my sensitive skin. I am also a huge fan of their lipsticks and have used them off an on (mostly on) for over 25 years as well. I always thought the colours are interesting without being out there… and they do not dry out my lips.  Lastly, if you have ever used any of the skin products you will know how fabulous they feel on and how wonderful the aromas are – YUMMY – I wish I could buy them all!!!”

And Donna:

“I have recently started using Chanel after seeing an article on nail polish for the 2011 Fall season so I decided to try it out…which lead to a seminar on Fall make-up trends and introduction to their skin care line…I have to admit I’m now hooked!

 What attracts me to Chanel is the quality of the products, and the fact that a little goes a long way.  I really like the classic, understated packaging too.

 So far, my favorite Chanel products are the Perfect Brows and the new cream to powder eyeshadow called Illusion D’Ombre in Epatant… a lovely sage green which is amazing!”

I was so impressed by these women-both at the event and in their responses to me.  It was interesting (to me anyway) to know why different types of women use Chanel and love it! When I was there and speaking to everyone, I felt that I could actually wear Chanel and make it work for me!

And now, the haul:

From left to right…..gloss in  ‘Giggle’, Blush in 68 Rose Ecrin and Illusion D’Ombre eyeshadow in 82 Emerveille.

Giggle gloss!


And again, Eyeshadow quad, Blanc de Chanel, and No 19 Poudre

Eyeshadow quad in 33 Prelude

Le Blanc De Chanel

a modern, soft twist on the original No 19

Sooooo in case you are wondering, I have already reserved my spot for the Chanel event at the end of the month.  Looking forward to having Andre make me gorgeous and having the lovely ladies of Chanel (Nezi, Jane, Lolita) assist me!  Hoping to bump into Caitlin, Donna, and Peggy again!

Have you used Chanel before? What’s your impression of the brand?




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  • Alicia

    You are a convert! So many awesome things. I only two Chanel products (their cream bronzer) and Mimosa Nail Polish (a present from a friend). Definitely want to eventually get my hands on more. I just have to figure out the right products.

    • meredith

      @Alicia you should go back! It’s so worth it to have a consultation!!!

  • Mandy

    Oh, I *love love love* Chanel! In fact, I am having a bit of a love affair with their D’ombres shadows right now. I have Mirifique, Ebloui, and Illusoire. All gorgeous, pigmented, and looooong lasting! I see you picked one up, as well… 😉

    • meredith

      @Mandy I sure did. I don’t wear it everyday but the color is something I didn’t already have and I love it!

  • ElaineA

    Excellent post M!! I’ve actually always been too intimidated to try their makeup! 😛

    • meredith

      @Elaine….GO. GO. GO. try it-you won’t be disappointed!

  • Leesh

    Oh…I love Chanel makeup!

    Are those Donna’s real lashes or just an awesome mascara application?

    • meredith

      @Leesh I will get Donna to weigh in on this but I believe it’s a little of both. Donna has great lashes already but that mascara really gave them some oomph!

  • Cherry

    Despite what you always say, I think you look fine without makeup! Looks like a great event though! and oh my gosh, it’s Donna making her 1st appearance on your blog! Glad you had a good time & brought out the Chanel in you.

    • meredith

      @Cherry, it was fun….and very luxurious!

  • Donna

    Great post Meredith! It was a great event and I hope to attend more 🙂 @Leesh yes those are my real lashes…thank you!

    • meredith

      @Donna, @Leesh May I hate on Donna’s lashes for a moment? Yes she does have a nice set of lashes…you should see her skin! Flawless. Geesh.

  • Kerri

    Ohhhh, j’adore Chanel…sighhhhhh.

    Glad that you’ve been brought over to the classic double C side. And in the true spirit of Coco herself, it’s a brand encourages all of us to aspire to look our best but not like one another.

    • meredith

      @Kerri since I don’t speak French (yet), I will agree with what you said….just kidding, I know what j’adore means 🙂

      I am going back this week!!!

  • Andre

    Thank you so much for coming and for your lovely review!!! Please join us again soon at Chanel. I would be delighted to share more backstage tips and tricks with you and your friends, colleagues…anytime!! xo

    • meredith

      @Andre but of course-I had a great time! Can’t wait to catch you the next time you’re around!