Latte Friday with Cherry and Meredith-Mylk uncookies edition!

In our quest for awesome espresso based drinks-our last stop, Thor Espresso mentioned the Indie Coffee pass.  It’s a pass that includes Indie coffee shops all over Toronto and allows a user (for a one time fee) a drink with a value of up to $4.00.  It’s a great idea-and if the shops weren’t so spread out, Cherry and I would have surely purchased (however we are restricted to shops we can get to within our 1 hour lunch break).

One of such shops was Mylk Uncookies Espresso Boutique!  The primary reason for us visiting was to try the Almond Milk lattes that @joyoushealth raves about.  It was more than worth it-and the majority of the treats are vegan & gluten free.  They also have some raw selections.  I was hoping to try the salted caramel bar, but alas, they were sold out.  No worries, I had a brownie:

Almond Milk Latte

The Almond Milk Latte was delightful!  Rich and creamy (with their own home-made almond milk).  The gluten free brownie was equally delicious:

Cherry's chocolate spice cookie (forgot the actual name)

The interior of Mylk Uncookies is equally impressive-very clean, minimalist type decor.  It’s not a huge space but there’s room to sit down. There were 4 other people there when we arrived and a walk-in.

Lighting at Mylk uncookies!

Cherry and I left Mylk Uncookies 2 happy girls with full bellies!  I don’t think we will be making any more lunch time trips but this is a place I would enjoy on the weekend either in the morning or on a late afternoon. Highly recommend stopping by if you are in the neighborhood!

You can find Mylk Uncookies here.


What’s your favorite espresso spot?  Is it independent or a chain?

Have you ever tried an almond milk latte?



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  • Cherry

    WHAT???? We are not making any more lunch time trips?? WHY? 🙁 I enjoy them though…..

    • meredith

      @Cherry Hmmm obviously I didn’t word that properly. What I meant was that we won’t be going as far o-u-t as mylk every week. Friday lattes are a must!

      • Cherry

        oh thank goodness. I was freaking out for a second there.

      • Cherry

        I also forgot to mention that their Latte art changes per cup!! Mine was a heart! How creative is that? 😉