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I have never tried Shiseido.   To be honest, it seems that it’s an “Asian” brand-and that’s not a problem for me, but I just felt the the skin care was all targeted towards whitening, and having very very pale skin.

So when I was cruising the Bay on Bloor Street last week, I was surprised that I was drawn to the counter.  The first time I ended up purchasing a foundation and a lip gloss:

The foundation reminds me of my Clinique even better…..almost exactly in terms of consistency and application.  I like it….but it’s not overly exciting. It does the job.

Shade B20

The lip gloss was a pleasant suprise…’s a red gloss with shimmer-RD 404.  It looks lovely on it’s own or over my Chanel Rouge Allure 79 Impertinente.

When the Shiseido consultant asked me if I would be interested in having a makeover, I was unsure.  I wasn’t seeing that much that thrilled me….the colors were eh.  A couple of eyeshadow trios caught my eye but I wasn’t climbing over the counter trying to purchase them.  I agreed and away we went.

I think the MUA didn’t know quite what to do with me since I already have a full face of foundation on (but had taken my eye makeup off).  She powdered and ‘filled in’ my face and did my brows with a pencil (I prefer my Browzing kit from benefit).  Then she chose this trio for my eyes and I was again, unimpressed:

This is trio GD 804.

I have to say I was quite pleased with the outcome (but apologetic for less-than-stellar photos. That’s really not my style).  She explained what she was doing and allowed me to view each step. The look was simple, clean and fresh.  These are NOT colors I would typically choose for myself….but they work.  So I bought the trio!

Please pardon the trash of items behind me. There was a major purge of the living space going on.

Here's a smile for ya.....

So will I be a Shiseido customer for life? I am not a total convert, but it’s nice to know that I can shop their counter and find colors/shades that suit me!


Have you ever tried Shiseido?  Do you feel that certain brands only market to specific ethnicities?  What do you think about brands that are that specific?


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  • Cherry

    your face is glittery!! l like the simplicity & the way it gives you that “wake-up” look.

    • meredith

      @Cherry exactly. It’s not a lot-it’s ‘enough’ and like I said, I would never choose those colors for myself! I like them though!

  • kathy

    my mom loves shiseido; i’ve used some of their products (mainly skin care) but i think it’s excellent quality. i don’t think it’s targeted towards asians specifically. i thought that shu uemura was also specifically targeted towards asians but after taking a look at their products, i was wrong.

    i don’t think brands cater specifically to certain ethnicities otherwise they’d be pigeon-holing themselves but they may offer different colors in different countries to cater to the demographic.

    • meredith

      @Kathy excellent point about the colors….I know that Burberry (at one point) only used to offer their blue scarves in Japan!

      I am liking Shiseido too….going back in October for an event. Let’s see what they wow me with then!

  • Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews)

    M, your lashes are just popping off the screen!!

    I’ve never tried Shiseido either and I’m asian LOL! You know I can see skin care targetted to certain ethnicities as certain cultures tend to share the same skin type due to genetics and diet but again this does not apply for everyone. As for makeup – I do think certain shade forumlations work better on some ethnicities than others. So really I’m still not answering your question 😛 yes they can be pigeon-holeing themselves but I can see the reasoning behind it. Perhaps a brand should create lines within the brand geared towards certain skin colouring/ethnicity but then the person could of course still branch out into other products within that same brand.

    • meredith

      @Elaine! Ha! I liked how you talked around the question! I don’t know if I would call it pigeon-holing….but I don’t necessarily disagree with companies targeting specific ethnicities either! I was pleased with what the Shiseido artist came up with-and I applaud her doing something different that I would never have chosen on my own! I have been using their foundation for about a month now-and while it’s not my ‘holy grail’, it’s definitely praise-worthy. I am in love with the gloss that I bought as well.

      I am going back for an event in October and am anxious to see their holiday collection (if they have one) and what they suggest!

  • Erika

    I dont think cosmetic lines cater to specific people, im not asian and i use shiseido’s oil control line, for break outs and i love it. Shiseido has always had skincare/make up for different skin, not just asian skin or “whitening” products. They are, however, known for their white lucent line which is a brightening line.(to get an even skin tone, not whiten the face) so i can see how you might of been confused. As for the make up, most of the time foundations dont have shades for darker skin, which can be annoying; it may be that certain lines dont have a high demand for them, or dont sell enough. Everything else i feel can be used by any skin/ ethnicity, its just a matter of finding the right colors to work with the skin tone/eye color or “look” they’re going for

    • meredith

      @Erika…I am glad you pointed this out to me…I didn’t even know that they had an oil control line. Let me ask you this….what do you like the BEST about the Shiseido products that you use? Any recommendations?