Made up with Mugler…..

I do not associate Thierry Mugler with makeup!

Mugler is best known for his fashion and perfume (Angel, Alien, Womanity)…so when I was passing through the Bay recently, I was surprised to see the makeup display and set-up around their counter.  I stopped (mainly because I saw cupcakes), and was approached by one of the beauty consultants.

I will never turn down a makeover!

So, of course Thierry Mugler has his own makeup line!

Let’s take a look:


What caught my eye in the first place-delicious gourmet cupcakes. Beautiful and delicious!

Thierry Mugler makeup.....

Upon first glance, I didn’t see anything I was too impressed with color-wise.  Looks pretty standard.  However, one of the first things I learned from Patricia (Mugler artist from Montreal) is not to be deceived by how the products look in the container.  She encouraged me  to try everything (not at the moment of course).

One of my first surprises was the foundation.  It’s a water based foundation that looks like this:

Teint Glacis!

I have to say that I love this foundation!  When you touch it, it feels like you are touching water.  It applies smoothly with a foundation brush.  Now, looking at the photo, you may have seen that the packaging indicates that this is a refill.  I did not purchase the lovely compact that these refills fit into, but it is GORGEOUS.  That’s one thing about Mugler that I adore-he puts so much thought into the details.  It’s so  lovely I most likely will return and purchase it.

Patricia let me know that I had a tan,and that I would have to make sure that when that tan fades, to check my foundation shade.  Of course, I knew that I would be changing my foundation for winter anyhow!  The Teint Glacis is definitely a full coverage foundation-for those of you that want something ‘lighter’, you would choose the liquid foundation, the mousse, or the powder.  All equally beautifully designed and apply wonderfully!

So for the makeup, I couldn’t go with anything “plain.” I asked for something with a bit more ‘wow’ factor, since I am not a quiet girl.  Patricia gave me that and more.  Check out these eyes:

gold/green smokey eye from Patricia

one more time.....

Isn’t that gorgeous? I had never seen the black emerald green color so of course that was a must have:

The picture does not do this color justice-it is beautiful!

Patricia also used the most beautiful blush on me too….I am going to have to go back and get the name of it.  It was such a light pink but looked so beautiful!  The blush comes with a highlight color as well.  For lips, she used a color called Strawberry.  The lip pen was so cool-another must have:

Lip color in Strawberry

And now the haul-which for the most part, I have already showed you!  There were also some gifts with purchase:

I had to snap a photo of the packaging-its so beautiful

Samples galore! fragrance and skin care!

Patricia from Montreal andKaysser from Paris

Me, in a Mugler MUA sandwich!!! It's a great place to be!

I know that I am going to love these products and am so glad that I had an opportunity to meet the Make up Artists from Thierry Mugler.  They taught me a lot and the products are very “cutting-edge”-from the packaging, to the ingredients to the color combinations.  I love applying them and they really work well with my skin in both color and texture.  Patricia taught me a lot of  “tricks” and gave me advice about my skin and my hair, which I truly appreciate.

Thierry Mugler cosmetics are sold in only 3 cities in Canada-Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto and are exclusive to the Bay!Also….there is a re-launch of his Angel fragrance (Eva Mendes is the new face) and I had a chance to sniff it.  It’s definitely Angel but a bit more modern….a subtle change that I can’t put my finger on but I love.


Have you ever tried Thierry Mugler cosmetics or fragrance? What do you think?



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  • ElaineA

    Woweee that’s gorgeous!! And the cupcakes soooo would have drawn me in too LOL!

  • Tamara

    Never underestimate the power of cupcakes!

    I’m convinced you’re a magnet for cool makeup finds. I love that you found some gems, when initially nothing really spoke to you. I will have to hunt down one of these locations the next time I’m in Toronto.. I’d love to see first hand.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • meredith

      @Tamara Thanks! I love searching out things that are different and that I haven’t seen before! Yes please let me know when you are in the neighborhood….we would have a BLAST!

  • Alicia

    You always stumble upon the best things. I really love the look of their line and will definitely be checking it out the next time I am in Toronto.

    • meredith

      @Alicia thanks! You should-I know you would find some great colors for you!

  • Kerri

    Just playing catch up with reading your blog. I have a soft spot for Mugler – and for beautiful packaging. That color of green is GORGEOUS and I may need to stop by the Bay sometime to check out that foundation!

    And what better reason to stop than cupcakes?!

    • meredith

      @Kerri oh the green is super fantastic. Haven’t seen anything like it! I want to use it for an event-perhaps the Savvy launch? p.s. are you doing makeup during that?