Blah Sunday (well weather-wise anyway)….and a quick weekend recap!

I was kind of ‘iffy’ about going up North (and East to be technical) this weekend.  I knew the weather was going to be less than wonderful but decided to go anyhow.  As expected, it was significantly colder-but I thought I would be able to get out on the water.

Wrong.  The water was out of control….I tried to take a couple of photos of how fast it was moving, but all I could get was a photo of the water slamming up against the shoreline.  When it wasn’t raining, I ran out and took some quick shots of the ‘foliage’ but wasn’t able to get very good photos.  Way too windy!

Rough waters so no kayaking/boating. Boo.

Clouds fill the sky....

Trying to capture the colors

So, needless to say due to inclement weather, the majority of my time this weekend was spent indoors!  Not a terrible thing-I got my homework done and watched some movies (Hanna, Horrible Bosses, and some British film about aliens that I can’t remember the title of). I also went to Amazing Coffee in Madoc and purchased some pumpkin spice coffee-which really made up for a blah weather weekend.  May I just say, Amazing Coffee will ship their coffee in Canada so if you haven’t tried it yet, you really should.  The man has his own crop in Costa Rica so he knows his stuff!

Pumpkin Spice Java from Amazing Coffee in Madoc, Ontario

I had the brilliant idea of trying to find the dress that I have been drooling over since August-a floral print from Jacob (they call it the floral Print grey dress) that Coco Rocha wears so well in the new Fall 2011 campaign.  However, an unsuccessful first attempt at the Jacob in First Canadian Place had left me with a bad taste in my mouth (seriously salesgirl in Jacob, I appreciate your optimism, however I will NEVER be an XS in your clothing).  So off I went, armed with my copy of Loulou magazine (25% off coupon for Jacob inside-and tons of other deals!).  I purchased the Medium as that is my normal ‘size’ for dresses in Jacob (in fact that’s why I often do not shop at Jacob-because I am a GI-normous size).

Got it home. Too BIG.  WHAAAAAA?  So off I went for an exchange…..

except they didn’t have a Small.  Call it the curse of the XS or whatever, it just wasn’t meant to be!!!  So I returned the dress and started walking down Bloor.  Normally I am on auto pilot to Sephora, but for some reason I felt myself gravitating toward the newly renovated MAC store. I haven’t been overly impressed with MAC lately but wanted to check out all the “buzz” over the new collections.

I ended up with Lightscapade Mineralize skinfinish.  I didn’t like it at first glance. I had to really open it up, swatch it, and then put it on my skin (as a highlight) above the cheekbones.  It was then that I noticed the colors and how well they balance out on my skin.

Lightscapade MSF-my first glance, just 'eh'-but wait.....

now look closely….

Now this is why I bought many colors, yet so subtle.

I also popped into Shoppers and picked up a L’Oreal Paris  Colour Riche lipstick in 297 Red Passion.  I ended up getting that and a magazine on my Optimum points but I have to say that the sale going on at Shoppers right now is pretty great!  The lipsticks were on sale for $6.99….and I believe they are normally $12.99.

#297 Colour Riche Red Passion-hot stuff!

On the way back, I stopped at H&M.  I was very proud of myself for trying on EVERYTHING I was even considering and for putting a lot of it BACK on the rack.  I bought things that I actually needed….and the best part was that all of these items cost less than the dress I had to return at Jacob!

black trousers, jeans, sweater and hair accessories

Finally, a product that I bought on Friday before I left for the cottage and didn’t mention, but it more than worthy….I snagged an Annabelle eyeliner/liquid liner set at Rexall:

Annabelle Glitterama in Violet Venus

The set also came with a Kohl Liner in 110 Fiesta

Annabelle Kohl liner in 110 Fiesta

So this weekend wasn’t a total wash.  I still had some peace and quiet in the country and scored some good finds!

How was your weekend?  What did you do? Brave the weather or stayed inside?


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  • Cherry

    I definitely didn’t brave the outdoors….but don’t worry, I did a couple of things to burn up those energy I usually have for biking over the weekend! That pumpkin spice coffee looks divine. I’m going to have my pumpkin chai tea in a few minutes!!!! 😀 Glad you had a great wknd. You’re not alone with the Jacobs downstairs….nothing works out there for me – but not that I tried hard enough.

    • meredith

      @Cherry-so what did you end up doing? The coffee is WONDERFUL….I just enjoyed a cup! The Jacob downstairs is always slim-pickings since ALL of the women in the financial district shop there. I don’t care that I will never be an XS in their clothes but I know I am not a size 10 anymore and their pants are cut differently than other pants. If I am a 4 everywhere else, why would I want to be a 10 at Jacob? Nah.

      So do tell….your weekend was……………?????????????