Schwarzkopf-ED at the ASK academy

I’ve long been a fan of Schwarzkopf Blond Me….there’s just something about it that is so ‘next level.’ It’s like no other blonde I have ever seen and I love their color.   I recently had the opportunity to be a hair model for Schwarzkopf and I jumped at the chance!

Philosophy behind Schwarzkopf (from website)

Schwarzkopf Professional stands for trust and success. We are people who are passionate, who have a dream, a vision and who want to make it a reality. Professional Partnership is our philosophy and our point of difference. It connects us to our partner, the hairdresser, to a mutually beneficial relationship.”

First, the space-it is GORGEOUS:

Green with envy yet? It’s wonderful isn’t it?

Schwarzkopf belief:

“Great looking hair is about the hands that help shape it”

So now, I’ll introduce you to the ladies behind my Schwarzkopf ‘do!

Michelle (on left) and Brittany (on right)

So what did they do you ask?  Well, of course I couldn’t have anything ‘basic.’  After a thorough consultation, part of the equation included this:

so obviously I love this!

The decision was made….they foiled, toiled, fussed, mussed and the result? A fabuolous Schwarzkopf blonde with violet (or ruby?) ambition:

yes it's lovely....

and a little peek on the side:

and dead on:

back to blonde and loving it!

Ahhhh! I lightened up quite a bit and my face just comes into focus-fresh and bright!!  I absolutely love it from start to finish.  I had 2 people that knew what I wanted and used some awesome color to achieve my look!

Michelle, Brittany, and I

And of course, what’s the sense of having awesome color if you don’t care for it? Presenting the aftercare:

Color Save Sulfate Free Shampoo, Conditioner, and BC Oil Miracle Finishing Treatment

Huge thanks to everyone at Schwarzkopf (especially Jami) for giving me this opportunity. I absolutely adore my hair and can’t wait to show it off!

How about you? How’s your hair color these days? Are you loving it? Is it time to ‘freshen up?’  Have you ever tried Schwarzkopf?



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  • Cherry

    I’m going Au Naturel with my hair colour, very unique & loving it. Probably time to freshen up though, although it’s tough to lighten my hair without undoing all my hair-conditioning routines!!
    Love your hair in pictures & in real-life. Although I still think it was blonde to begin with… 😉

    • meredith

      @Cherry you just need to stay consistent with your haircare (including trims)…I am not that great at keeping up either. A nice color gloss may be just what you need if you want a boost!

  • kathy

    holy crap your hair looks awesome… as does that salon. i recently had to slash my budget due to basement renos so my salon is called Clairol 😀 when i’m able to be a little more lax with my budge, you can bet i’m going to see if i can pay them a visit. thanks for the review!

    • meredith

      @kathy-are you in Toronto (I believe you are?). If yes, would you be okay with me forwarding your email….I know that sometimes they need hair models. That’s a good way to get great hair for a low price!

  • Liz


    • meredith

      @Liz thank you !