Canadian Thanksgiving with an American flare…..

One of the ‘perks’ of being an American living in Canada is the fact that I get to celebrate Thanksgiving TWICE!!! Canadian thanksgiving happens a month and a half prior to American Thanksgiving.  I love to cook big holiday meals and that is not going to stop because I am 8 hours away from “home.” So I started my own ‘tradition’ of cooking a Canadian Thanksgiving.   I get all my recipes from Chatelaine magazine-whose October issues always have a pull out recipe section.  This year’s recipes are nothing short of fantastic!

So I will show you what i have photos of….I ended up making the turkey on Saturday and forgot to snap a picture before carving!  Yikes!

recipe section of Chatelaine magazine October issue

So you will have to take my word for it….brining a turkey is the way to go!!  I had never done this before…but Chatelaine means it when they say “Easiest Roast Turkey.”  It’s as easy as covering the bird in kosher salt and brown sugar, letting it sit overnight and then putting it in the oven.  So tasty and juicy!

I made the rest of the side dishes the next day-

Sausage, Kale and Lentil Soup-served as a starter, but hearty enough to be a main!

upside down turkey pot pies

Ravioli Lasagna

Sweet potato casserole

Items not pictured:  smashed potatoes, turkey, pumpkin pie, turkey gravy!

So to top it off, I had an additional Canadian Thanksgiving at my in-laws!  There was food, wine, laughter, and some yummy desserts from metro (I didn’t think store desserts could be that good).  But the best picture of the night comes from one of the guests passed out on the couch before the night was over.  Gotta love the homemade wine we were all drinking.

Without further ado, may I present Ricky…..

Ricky and I pose for the camera!

Soooo as the long weekend winds down and I start thinking about my outfit to wear to work on Tuesday, I ask you….

Did you partake in any kind of celebrations/special events this weekend? What was the best part?  Do you have any holiday ‘traditions?’

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  • Lacey

    I am so craving that food!!! 😛

    • meredith

      @lacey come on over!

  • Cherry

    what a chef!! I guess you ended up making the pumpkin pie (& not the pumpkin squares?!). No holiday traditions, but it sure doesn’t stop me from having loads of good times. Holiday is not over till it’s over!!! Stop thinking about Tuesday’s outfit!! Enjoy your thxgiving monday!

    • meredith

      @Cherry the squares were a tad more complicated!! I am actually going to catch up on blogging and get some school work done!

  • MizzJ

    What an interesting way to make turkey! How does it taste?

    • meredith

      @MizzJ deeeeeeeeelicious!