L’Oréal Paris Canada lovely! Networking event at FCP!

Oh L’Oréal how you spoil me!!!

The latest-L’Oréal Paris Canada hosted a networking event at their flagship store in FCP.  The event offered a makeup application and a headshot done by a professional photographer!  How could I say no?

Since I was getting my makeup done, I couldn’t take any photos of the actual process. However, my MUA Arabella was completely amazing!!  And since I had a fabulous up-do from Kenlyn at Blo (the path) in the morning, I felt fantastic!

So let me show you all the photos-of the hair, the makeup, and the hair AND makeup!  I was also rocking my outfit that day as well-head to toe Mexx!

Back of the 'do-taken by our co-op student at work (thanks Geoff).

side view!

The other side with the flowers that K put in my hair-beautiful!

Another photo of the back:

And let’s get an outfit shot in before I get any further:

outfit by Mexx

So the makeup….how fabulous was my artist, Arabella.  She did a beautiful plum smokey eye.  It was subtle but just gave me that extra ‘oomph’ that we both knew I would need for the camera….it looked fab, so let’s take a look:

eyes look like 'jewels' -*sigh*-and look at that baby blossom blush....cheeky!

'Serious' Face....love those eyes, and the Le Gloss in Saucy Mauve!!

and now one smile….why not?

And then time for the headshot-of course as I went to go sit on the stool, I knocked over all the reflectors/soft lights.  Can’t take me anywhere!  The photographers were incredible (of course!) and this is the print that I left with:

Gorgeous right? I have Miss Alexis Finch to thank!

Bet you’re wondering if I bought/hauled-well YES I DID:

Elnett Hairspray, L'Oréal infallible in 543 Charming Lilac, and Hair Mask

In love with the Baby Blossom Blush

and the eye quad in 504 Subtle Berries

and then some other goodies:

Rimmel 710 Sweet Stuff lipstick, Sally Hansen nail color, Rimmel Colour Flush in 022 Inspiration

What a great event!  I’m also getting a digital copy of my headshot which will be extremely useful for me in the future!!!

Huge thanks to:

Natalie M., L’Oréal flagship store (at First Canadian Place)manager

Arabella T., MUA

Alexis Finch, photographer

Have you ever been to a networking event which included beauty? Would you find a headshot useful?


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  • Cherry

    What was Geoff doing taking pictures when he should be working???!!! …..where’s that evaluation….
    Love that outfit, I’ve never gone shopping at Mexx, maybe I should take a look,

    • meredith

      @Cherry Mexx has always been branded as for ‘older women.’ However I think they have re-strategized and started targeting the younger set-smart move, I’m hooked!

  • Cherry

    Stunning headshot of course! I’m so happy to finally see a peak of it! 🙂

    • meredith

      @Cherry thank you!

  • kathy

    pretty! i would love to do a smokey shadow thing but i don’t know the first thing about that. lucky you and great shot 🙂

    • meredith

      @kathy where are you located? There is so much going on in Toronto-I can forward you some of the great stuff…there’s a ton of workshops/events this month and next!!

  • Kelly

    You look gorgeous! You are the queen of attending events! hehe Sounds like a great time and your makeup looks awesome! I’d love to go to a networking event that did something like this.

    • meredith

      @kelly thanks! It was a good time and I was able to get it all in during my lunch hour!