She’s so Savvy Soirée!

This was definitely the place to be on a Wednesday night.  I’ll warn you now-this post is PIC HEAVY!

In case you weren’t aware, Tiffany is the brainchild behind She’s So Savvy– a website that features daily steals and deals in the GTA on everything from food to beauty to clothing.  Take a look, you won’t be disappointed.

So anyhoo, Tiffany decided to have a launch party for this fantastic website of hers.  The party was just as fantastic so let’s get to the photos:

First…my hair (courtesy of Kenlyn) and makeup (courtesy of Georgia at MAC):

Thanks to Georgia from MAC!

And now the soiree itself:

Arta Gallery filling up with Savvy people!

wine and beer anyone?

This is the She's So Savvy logo-on the m&m! How cute!

and lookie who I found-why it’s Kerri of apothekerri beauty and curiousities!

from l-r: Ginny, Sandy, Shasena, Moi

l-r: Shasena, Graham, Me, Justin

Because he deserves a smooch.....

This has to be the best picture of Tiffany ever!

And huge shout outs to Trevor from for snapping this photo of me….I loves it!

Tweeting-one of my many 'talents'-say what you will.

And check this out-don’t forget to peep miss Esther (2nd from left in back row-so fierce)

Savvy people!

But what’s a Savvy soiree without a fantabulous gift bag to go along with it?

Great goodies-notepad, m&m's, deo, and some merlot....yum!

This post may seem rather scattered….I had such a good time I don’t know where to begin.  There was good food, good wine, great people, awesome swag and conversation….what a good time!  Thanks for inviting me Tiffany-I can say with certainty that this night was  a huge SUCCESS!  All my best to you in the future and you will always have my support!

Did you have a good Wednesday?


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  • She's So Savvy

    Thanks for posting this Meredith. it was great to see you too! And Trevor Haldenby from snapped the pic you love so much:)

    • meredith

      @T d’Oh and forehead slap! Yes I will go back and edit that right now.

  • Sandy

    This is awesome! Thanks so much for sending me the link! It was so nice to finally meet you.Tiffany is amazing, and it was fun to be there for her very special launch party!!! 🙂


    • meredith

      @Sandy likewise. I am sure I saw you at Vanity School but I was leaving, you were coming in? Not sure…but will most certainly see you at future gatherings!

  • Shashena

    Great post Meredith. You did a great job capturing the moments from a fun night!!

    • meredith

      @Shashena I am so glad I got to meet you! Finally!