30 days into miracle 10!

I have spoken before about how much I like miracle 10! Just wanted to give a quick update since I am now 30 days in!

This is my skin after 30 days using miracle 10 products-no makeup on here of course:

30 days in....not too shabby!

Barring some hormone issues, my skin is looking and feeling quite well-barring some (hormonal) blemishes!  I am more than happy with my miracle 10 and will continue to follow the program to see if 10 weeks makes the biggest difference of all!

How’s your skin doing?

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  • kathy

    my skin is horrible! every time the seasons change (esp if it’s getting colder), my skin reacts and by that i mean it freaks the f*ck out. dry patches, itchiness, redness… and i’m drinking water like crazy, gobbling up my omegas and trying to sleep it off but the only thing i can do is wait it out until the freak-out runs its course.

    but your skin looks fab! glowing! looks great 🙂

    • meredith

      @kathy do you have a regular routine for your skin? Take the skin care analysis on the miracle 10 website! They may be able to help!

  • Donna Marie

    Ugh my skin has been breaking out like crazy especially in my chin. I’ve never heard of Miracle 10. Perhaps I will check out their website! Thanks!

    • meredith

      @ Donna Marie they are a Canadian company and have locations in Mississauga and Yorkville! I can give you more info if you would like!