Sculptin’ it at Blush Pretty!

I waited ALLLLL month for this one!

Sculpting my face-more specifically, contouring and highlighting have always escaped me.  I have tried, I have Googled, I have sat and watched MUA’s work on other people and me.  It just never clicked….

Enter Anjali-who taught me how to sculpt.  What to use, what my face shape was in order to guide me as to what areas to highlight/contour and then some hands on time.

Good stuff.

Anjali and Anna talk about face shape

our face shape handout-I determined myself to be a 'Squoval'

Anna and Shilpa listening and soaking up the knowledge!

Shilpa having her face contoured/highlighted by Anjali!

Shilpa's fish face so Anjali can contour in the appropriate place!

Shilpa is all smiles after some clever contour

cheekbones of a model.....

Shilpa....natural beauty enhanced with some clever contour/highlight

I think some of the best things that I take away from these workshops are the simple tricks/tips I pick up.  For instance, my contour brush was WAY too large and thick! My contour powder was too orange!  I was applying my blush in the wrong place!

Things are starting to fall into place and while my contouring skills aren’t perfected (yet), I feel better about creating my cheekbones and how/where to apply.

Cheekbones here I come!

What’s your contour/highlight routine?



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  • Jenn A.

    Isn’t it funny how much of a difference contouring and the right blush placement can make? Sounds like Anjali did a great job of teaching. I’m glad you had a good time!

    • meredith

      @Jenn I’ll tell you it was quite eye-opening for me. I am loving the results!

  • Shilpa

    Thanks for the post M!! It was a great workshop and I went home a very happy girl…Anjali did a great job! I have some tools and tips now… can’t wait to use them! 🙂

    • meredith

      @Shilpa you looked fantastic-you have a great face to work with! Have you been trying things out on your own?

  • kat

    wow what a great workshop. i don’t really contour. i just wear makeup so i don’t look like a haggard corpse!

    • meredith

      @kat I love how contour/highlight looks and I have had artists do that for me but it was AWESOME to learn how to do it myself! I have actually been doing this and people have commented on how ‘good’ my face looks. It’s all contour!

  • Alicia

    I am really looking forward to this workshop. I know how to contour (well at least I have been taught) but it never works for me. I have a very round face and need help to figure out where to contour on my face specifically. I also find with a lot of acne on the side of my face, a darker contour powder makes the acne look worse.

    • meredith

      @Alicia you are going to love it! I had my colors and application all wrong so I was so glad to learn the ‘right’ way! It all starts with face shape!

  • Anjali

    Yay!!!! So glad that you enjoyed the workshop and are using the tips 🙂 Woohoo!!!

    • meredith

      @Anjali I am just amazed at what proper placement and some contour skills can do!