Fantastic Friday! A new video!

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  • Leesh

    Thanks for the mention. I am glad you enjoyed the Warm Hug Scarf Swap. That is awesome that you and Jordana got your packages almost at the same time. The scarf is pretty by the way. Oh ya, the foot in the video was kinda gross. I loved how you told him to get his foot out of the frame =)

    Hope you are having a good weekend!

    • meredith

      @Leesh of course! I thought this was such a good idea! I adore my scarf but I was so !#$#%&^& that his foot was in my video. I didn’t want to do the video again and wanted to make a point (and drive it home). Unfortunately, now he thinks his foot should be in all my videos. #fail.


  • Cherry

    It was Friday night!! Poor Brandon was just chillin’ out – that was so hilarious. Is Jot Dot making an appearance at the office or for school?

    • meredith

      @Cherry don’t encourage him….now when I say I am going to film a video he picks up his foot and waves it around.

      Jot Dot will be in my bag 🙂 I am thinking about taking it for blogging purposes!