Holiday beauty with Arbonne!

I had the pleasure of meeting Davida G. just over a year ago at a Toronto Beauty Blogger Event.  She is beyond wonderful-especially in personality.   When I found out that she was an Arbonne Independent Consultant, District Manager, I thought…really? How can she be a makeup artist and ‘limit’ herself to only Arbonne products?

I mean seriously….how great can Arbonne be?

I was invited to attend a holiday event recently (by Davida, hosted by Susan) and got to look at the new holiday products for 2011.

I was more than pleasantly suprised by the quads-look at the colors:

I did everything I could to not keep picking these up (and yes I did swatch them-those are my finger prints you see).  Color payoff you ask?  What you see is what you get?

Drooling yet? Read on…..

Clutch that's part of one of the gift sets!

lip glosses in a big ornament! If you want to buy me a gift............

The Dazzler, one of 3 new perfumes!

Peppermint body care set

Glosses-check out that creamy pink.....drooooool

candle set

Skin care set

Of course, there was a brief presentation-explaining the products, the company, and opportunities to become a consultant. It was super laid back, and low key.  There was no pressure (best part) but I left feeling interested and intrigued!

The lovely Kimberly

So…I am waiting for Davida to compile my ‘wish list’ and then I am going to indulge. So she sent my wish list-now I just have to start shopping! I had a great time-thanks for inviting me!

The lovely Davida G!

Have you tried Arbonne? What’s your impression of the company?


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  • Macbella2

    That first palette looks stunning! Holiday perfect. Also loving the glosses. Drooling over the red shade 🙂 Great post! Arbonne gets a lot of hype in the US. Nice to see more Canadian bloggers talking about it over here too.

    • meredith

      @Macbella I was surprised to see such great color selection….pleasantly surprised!

  • Mama Dukes

    I have used Arbonne. Nice line. Haven’t seen it in our area in quite awhile though.

    • meredith

      @Mama yeah I have been noticing it here!

  • Chris Meyer

    I have been using Arbonne for about 5 years now and selling for almost 4. I love everything I use! My husband even raves about the skin care! I sell online mainly as I don’t have time for many “parties.” But it has been a great little part time business while caring for my Grandparent’s. I really love that Arbonne is vegan and does not ever test on animals.

    • meredith

      @Chris I really like the C line….saw great results

  • ally

    I LOVE Arbonne. I have recently just starting selling their products and hope to reach district management levels in January. Their products are ones that can not be replicated. I don’t know of any other company that pays you to use their products.

    I didn’t use any facial products prior to Arbonne, but I am now addicted and can’t live without their Hydrating Cleanse & Night/Day cremes.

    If anyone wants to talk Arbonne, or has any questions, or wants a friend in the US email me

    • meredith

      @ally I am starting to really fall in love with it too! How’s your business going?