Bittersweet-American Thanksgiving, Black Friday and saying goodbye (in random order)

You never want to get that call.

So I wasn’t entirely surprised when my mother called to tell me that my grandmother had passed away (in her sleep-may I be so lucky).  She was elderly after all…and living suffering from dementia in addition to being blind for years due to macular degeneration.

That doesn’t stop me from missing her though.  Even though I am so glad that she isn’t suffering anymore, I find myself crying in the most random of places-bathroom stall at work, the shower…and even right now.  I won’t launch into a long drawn out emotional post about her (because even SHE wouldn’t read it!) but I will say that I sure will miss her.  So goodbye for right now grandma-I have only the fondest memories of you.

Grandpa & Grandma in better, healthier times. Grandpa left us several years earlier.

And that also leads me to the many many wonderful people in my life that cared enough to ask me how I was doing and offer condolences.  Thank you so much for that-it really does mean a lot to me.

flowers and sympathy card from co-workers

So nevertheless, I was still quite anxious upon arriving in NY (although the flight was smooth and I was drug-induced).   Thanksgiving this year was reservations (although there was still a turkey at home to “pick at”).  The food was fantastic and so were these turkey cookies:

gobble gobble-a great way to finish off a Thanksgiving meal

So after a full stomach and a ride home, I quickly got to work analyzing the Black Friday ads. Yup, you read it right.  I was going out for BF come hell or high water.

Here’s the newspaper:

Note how thin the newspaper is.....

Now let’s glance at the Black Friday ‘insert’-which by the way, came separately:

um jigga whaaa? Look at the size of this 'insert'

So the planning began…circling, reading each ad 3-4 times…..and before I knew it, it was midnight and time to head out.  My outfit of choice:

And look at this face-how giddy am I:

So off I went in  my rental (a chic Nissan Versa *cough cough* NOT)….ready to take on the madness!

Well….the lineups were insane…..I drove to all of the stores I wanted to visit and surveyed the lines. I ended up picking the ‘shortest’ line up.  This store had portable toilets outside for Black Friday shoppers to use.  I am wondering if there was an incident in the past or if that was clever on their part?

Phew!  But once the store opened…the lines moved quickly and I was able to get in and OUT of 3 stores.  I was home at 2am but ready for more.  So over the next day, I ‘shopped till I dropped.’  As cliche as that sounds, it’s exactly how it went.


sneakers and boots

mittens, gloves, hats, and shoe laces

I also got a beautiful bracelet, 2 Coach rings,, a coach purse, and some unmentionables from Victoria’s Secret.  My BIG ticket item wasn’t actually for me at all-it was bought for ‘foot’ aka other half and it is a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

some of the makeup for an upcoming giveaway!

! I will be posting a giveaway in the near future!

And what’s a trip to NY without the food? I indulged in my faves to include pizza and of course, SONIC!

To say the very least the time flew by….and it wasn’t all shopping (although there certainly was a lot of that). It was the gym in the morning with mom and stepdad telling stories about funny things that all of the ‘kids’ had done and making fun of people during the T-day meal with my sister & her boyfriend.  It was words with friends, curling up with one of the 3 dogs and knowing where the good bathrooms were in every single store we went into (Thanks Steve) and losing a Dance Central Battle to my step sister and sister in law.  Finally, lest we not forget the Elf marathon and both my step sister and I getting carded at the liquor store (Can I get an AMEN for that?).

But most of all it was the time that meant the most.  Especially now.  Time is the one thing we never get back-and I’m especially thankful for the time I got with my family this year.

How was your week?


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  • Mama Dukes

    We were glad you could make it home for Thanksgiving AND Black Friday. We, too, had a good time. Steve said maybe next time he could share more stories. He also says to bring Brandon next time; Steve needs some male bonding! Nice blog

    • meredith

      @Mama miss the US now more than ever.

  • Leesh

    This is an extremely late post. Sorry for the loss of your beloved grandma.

    • meredith

      @Leesh thank you. I know she will be missed but so glad that she is no longer suffering