My very first Cutey

I was recently given an opportunity to review a bracelet from

my cutey bracelet

This is a Pandora style charm bracelet.
The idea behind cutey bracelets is to have a nice piece that can be easily changed by either rearranging charms, or adding new ones. while also being able to have a few bracelets on at the same time, or to go with seperate outfits.

The bracelets are made from a strong alloy, and then silver plate. They contain no nickle, lead or other harmful materials.

Cutey’s goal was to create a high quality product at a good price point, rarther than what was already out there whitch tended to be cheap and rubbish or very expensive, where a single charm costs more than an entire cutey bracelet with charms.

The clasp from my cutey bracelet

I do like this bracelet-it’s easy to clasp and “un-do” unlike my Pandora. I am a fan of charm bracelets and am going to add more charms. There was a nice mix of glass beads, metal plated, and crystal charms. The one thing I did NOT like about the bracelet was that the charms slide off too easily. I dropped the charms all over the floor while taking off the bracelet. I need stoppers on my charms to prevent that from happening!

Ashley let me know that you can expect beautiful seperate charms, new bracelet designs and new types of bracelets out in early 2012.

Check out for more information, photos, and to purchase cutey bracelets! They’re a more economical, fun alternative to pricier charm bracelets!



*Bracelet provided by for consideration.  Thoughts are my own*

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  • Cherry

    The bracelet looks very “charm”-ing. I really like it. The only issue I have is taking it off – may need some extra hands 😉

    • meredith

      @Cherry that’s why there is a co-op student at work.

  • amanda

    neat! ps: I like your nail polish!