33rd annual Christmas Concert!

I was hesitant to agree to attend this….I didn’t know anything about it, and sing alongs aren’t my thing since my tonsils got removed (don’t ask-I don’t understand why I lost my singing voice after a tonsillectomy either).   But I decided to go for it.

It was a chilly day, and I tried to dress warm. My MIL had told me that we would have to line up outside and that people normally line up an hour or more ahead of time.  I was surprised by this but since it is a free concert being held in a church, I imagine you would want a better view.

It was a good time to be honest.  There were carols….and of course a ‘charity pitch’ for the Santa Claus fund., a Toronto Star initiative.  I took photos until they told me I couldn’t:

What a relief! The line was indoors this year!

People pouring in trying to get a good seat!

The church is quite beautiful so I had to get a photo or two:

So it was a sing along-and it was nice.  Reminded me of the holidays and made me wish I was home even more.

MIL with the Canon

MIL in front of the wreath

Have you attended any Christmas concerts? Do you like attending hoiday type parties?


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  • Si min

    I’ve never been to those concerts yet. But, I wish to go there someday. At the moment, that is not my thing, too. I better to go to Rock and roll conert………………..However. I might be very happy to go to any kind concert with lovely friend. So…no matter kinds of concert, the problem is ” With whom “. 🙂

    • meredith

      @si min I like music so almost any kind of concert is good for me!