Getting Cheesey at Cheesewerks!

Leave it to Cherry Lo….she spotted free grill cheese day at Cheesewerk with her eagle eyes.  of course that neighborhood seems to be our new “hot-spot” between CYKL, Thor, Cheesewerks, and the General Store.  Anyway, we all trekked down to Cheesewerks for our free sandwich-the ‘we’ being Cherry, myself, and Geoff (who complains more than anyone I know).

Of course there was a line.  Thank goodness we got there right about 12 noon so we didn’t have to wait too long-although if Geoff told the story, he would have you thinking that we waited for HOURS.

The line-up!

I also forced Cherry and Geoff to take a photo:

Geoff in mid-complaint and Cherry trying to back away

and of course, as we got closer….the sign with the ‘rules’

So of course, we came, we went, we ate grilled cheese (for free).  And it was pretty darn good.  Definitely going back soon to get some of the other offerings. I especially want to try the “New York”

You can check out Cheesewerks here.

What do you think of fancy grilled cheese?  What’s your favorite?

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  • kathy

    joey’s makes a great lobster grilled cheese yum!

    • meredith

      @kathy I haven’t been there yet but have heard great things!

  • Cherry

    we must try everything on the menu.
    Oh boy, am I short or what?!