3D MENSION- Brandon & Robb dye for Schwarzkopf!

So I have raved and raved about the ASK academy-and I have a hard time trusting my hair to anyone else as I firmly believe I will be a Schwarzkopf blonde FOREVER!

So it was only natural that I would have Brandon and my bro-in-law ‘volunteer’ to be hair models at the 3DMension event.

What is 3DMENSION you ask? Basically, color for men:

1st color brand matching the [3] key performance dimensions of men coloring:
[1] Natural
[2] Care
[3] Blend


•    Fast [Application in just 5 minutes]
•    Easy to use  [Application bottle also for home use]
•    Discrete [to be applied at the backwash area]

This sounded almost too good to be true-as I NEVER leave a salon after an hour or less than an hour…

However, it is just that.  Let’s look at some photos, shall we?

So both Brandon and Robb were in the chair for approximately 5 minutes after application of product:

Robb is processing

And I just loved the capes:

Love these capes!

The final result-natural, blended color in under 10 minutes! yahoo!

I am super impressed by this product!  The guys seemed to be too!  Quick color that doesn’t look like ‘color’-makes sense!

This product will be available in salons in February 2012.

Do you have a man in your life that could use some color? Do you think you could convince him to use it?



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  • Cherry

    oh my! It’s brandon’s bro! Very nice dye, but you should make them dye it brown or something – THEN, we can tell whether the colour goes on well. Yes, nice cape, with a tie!