2011 Beauty Favorites!

I have been seeing a lot of  bloggers posting about their 2011 favorites!  There are so many great posts I’ve had to start a list of products that I want to check out.  I want to express my appreciation for the time it takes beauty bloggers to write posts-especially reviews and tutorials.  I know that an incredible amount of work goes into making videos and posting reviews.  I am so glad to know you and truly value your opinions/advice.  I don’t buy ANY beauty products without checking out what bloggers have to say about them!  It’s the only way!

That being said, I hope everyone had a fabulous new year and have great resolutions/hopes for the upcoming year.  I know I do-and I’ll certainly share those in a future post! For now, I’d like to talk about MY beauty favorites of 2011.

Makeup/ Cosmetics



I have been using primer for a LONG time on my face but started really looking into formulation recently.  I can NOT use silicone based/gel-like primers-they cause me to breakout/itch.  I am also not a fan of ‘dewy’ or ‘luminous’ primers-as I feel they cause my skin to look extremely oily.  However, the matte face that I craved in the 90’s now seems rather ‘flat’ looking.  I appreciate the new HD primers and primers with light reflecting properties that ‘soften’ lines/imperfections.

Marcelle mattifying fluid and Chanel le Blanc

I couldn’t pick just one primer….it was tough.  Suffice it to say that I use the Marcelle product mostly in summer when my skin tends to be more oily and the Chanel in Fall, Winter, Spring when my skin needs some extra moisture.  Both of the products perform extremely well.  The Marcelle is more of a gel texture, and the Chanel comes with a spatula (it’s a liquid).

Foundation-I am CONSTANTLY on the hunt for an awesome foundation.  Over the years, I can say I have tried practically everything (but haven’t bought an airbrush system).  I tend to favor liquid foundations-I’ve found that as I get older, I don’t want my skin to look overly dry.  Powder ages, or so I’ve been told.  That being said, my foundation pick for 2011 is none other than:

MAC Matchmaster Foundation in Shade 1.5 applied with MAC `187 brush

I adore this foundation.  The consistency is slightly thicker than the Studio FX but not as thick as Studio Sculpt.  Added bonus (for me), it comes in a pump.  I have used MAC foundation in the past and have found the shades to be close, but not exactly ‘right’ for my skintone.  However, this foundation and it’s adjusting properties seem to really work well.  The 187 brush is an investment, but after I was shown how to use the brush in store to apply the foundation, I found it to be the best way for me!

Eye primer-this was super easy.  I have tried a lot of primers and have found this one to be the only one that works for me.  My eyelids get pretty oily-and this primer keeps my eyeshadow ON with no touch-ups for 6-8 hours.

Urban Decay Primer Potion in original


Again, I had a tough time choosing just one product. So I chose my favorite palette and then my favorite single shadows:

L'Oreal Infallible Shadows and the Urban Decay NAKED palette

Gosh-I don’t think I’ve heard an outright hateful review of the NAKED palette yet.  Even though I had to wait an EXTREMELY long time to receive this, it was a great investment and addition to my collection.  I love these shadows-they are vibrant, there’s a great variety of shimmers/mattes and they work very well together in almost any combination.

The Infallible shadows are wonderful as well.  These shadows are highly pigmented, and fantastic staying power.  The consistency is powder but they are finely milled so the shadow doesn’t fly all over the place like a loose shadow would.  I almost always use these when I am going out to an event.  Totally worth it.

Face Powder, Blush, Contour:

Again, no big surprises here:

From Left Shiseido Powder, MAC Harmony, MAC Azalea Blossom

I came across the Shiseido Powder when I was cruising some department store counters over the summer. I didn’t think too much of it-I liked that the powder had UV protection in it but that’s nothing new.  I like the way this product applies-it leaves a natural finish that’s buildable but just ‘does the trick.’

The contour powder came about after a workshop I took where I learned how to sculpt my face.  The powder that I had brought with me was entirely wrong.  MAC Harmony was suggested and I went right out and bought it.  It’s a great blush-but I use it to contour.

Azalea Blossom blush is one of two ombre blushes from MAC Daphne Guiness collection.  I was at a loss as to whether to get this one or Vintage grape but in the end, the lighter pink won me over.  I love the finish-and it’s not too heavy.

Eyeliner/Glitter liner:  No problems here. I usually use eyeshadow and a slanted brush as liner but if I want a smoky eye or ‘event’ look, I turn to these 2 products.  The smudgeliner is amazing and stays put.  The glitter is fantastic for  it being glitter!!!

Annabelle Smudgeliner and Apothekerri Glitter Liner


from L: Annabelle Le Big Show Mascara, MAC prep and prime, Apothekerri Seriously lipstick, Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick in 321, and Apothekerri lipgloss in upgrade

I won’t talk too much about Le Big Show since I just posted about mascara.  Suffice it to say I do like it and it really gives me lashes a boost:

After one coat of Le Big Show

MAC prep and prime is an absolute must for me-especially in the winter.  Try as I may, my lips still get very dry in the winter and putting this on prior to lipstick really decreases the dryness and lines.

Apothekerri lipstick in seriously….the first true red lipstick I have ever owned (and liked).  I wear this to events/parties-to me this lipstick screams “I’ve arrived! Whether you like it or not!”

Wearing 'seriously'

Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipstick-I bought this with the intention that it would be my ‘going out’ lipstick.  It has a lot of shimmer but after applying, it seems like more of a day lipstick for me.  The color is a cooler pinkish red so it seems to work with a lot of my clothing and my skintone.

Apothekerri lipgloss in upgrade.  One of my first Apothekerri purchases, this gloss is in my purse almost everyday. It works on top of almost every lipstick I own (even the corals) and I wear it alone as well.  Beautiful pink gloss with shimmer.


Miracle 10, bodycology body lotion, jurlique sunscreen, Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

My skincare routine is mostly Miracle 10.  I’ve written about this before so I won’t repeat other than to say that I love this line!  It’s done wonders for my skin!

Jurlique is a brand I discovered at Pure and Simple Spa.  This sunscreen was $, but worth it-organic, lightly scented, absorbs into skin quickly and no breakouts!

Bodycology lotion-I received this in a gift bag and didn’t think much of it.  I absolutely love this lotion-it moisturizes perfectly, isn’t greasy and has this fragrance that is almost like ‘chocolate.’

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle-my absolute all time favorite Chanel fragrance.  I consider this my signature scent.  It’s classy with a bit of sass-just like me!

So there you have it. My favorites!

Getting ready to head out!

Have you been reading blogger ‘favorites’ posts?  What are your favorites? If you have a blog with a favorites post, post the link in the comments section below so I can check it out!


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  • Larie

    Great favorites! I was looking at a Jurlique toner on Sephora, and the line has intrigued me. I will have to check out the sunscreen, too!

    • meredith

      @Larie please do! You won’t regret it!

  • She's So Savvy

    I totally agree with you on Apothekerri’s seriously liptstick. Best red ever and such a great stand alone product!

    • meredith

      @She’s So Savvy I have to say that I was afraid of the lipstick at first….but it looks SO good on, especially when I am headed out. I can’t not wear it.