From the Blue House with Love- Green Tea, Lime & Lemongrass natural, handmade soap.

I am not a fan of soap.

When I think of soap, I think of the bars that were dried up and broken into little pieces in the shower.  I would only use bar soap when I was out of my softly scented, luxurious body wash-and would curse it later as I scratched my itchy post-soap skin.

So when my b-i-l gave me these two bars of soap as a gift, I wasn’t overwhelmed with joy about using them.  He mentioned that he knew the person that made the soap-and that she was local, so I thought I would give them a try.

My 2 lovely soaps "From the Blue House with Love"

The soap that I decided to try was the Green Tea, Lime & Lemongrass. It’s a decent piece of soap with a light fragrance that is quite pleasant!

A huge plus for me is the list of ingredients:

A giant PLUS-I can pronounce the ingredients and know what they are!

So I did use the soap this morning and I was pleased with the results! The soap lathered up nicely and wasn’t heavily fragranced.  It rinsed off easily and didn’t leave my skin dry and itchy.  I like that there are 4 different types of oils in the soap AND essential oils!

I stand corrected-a gift I thought I would never used is now in its own soap dish ready for the morning shower!  Good stuff

Check out From the Blue House here.

Are you a soap user-what are your impressions of soap?

Have you ever tried hand-poured soap?



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  • Cherry

    I’ve converted to handmade soaps ever since discovering Kibo ( Then at last year’s bikefest, I tried out Adelaide’s soaps ( – tried their lime flavour. I love them both.

    • meredith

      @Cherry I am really loving this soap! I have been using it everyday!

  • Leesh

    I am a huge soap fan. I am normally pretty loyal to LUSH but these days I am using Demo soap that I picked up at the One of a Kind show. They are pretty good.

    • meredith

      @Leesh that’s one of the many reasons I like to go to the One of a Kind Show. I am really leaning towards Canadian fashion and beauty products.