Prime perfection-L’Oréal Paris Magic Lumi Primer!

I am a huge fan of primers!

As a daily foundation wearer, primer and I have an ‘intimate’ relationship.  Over the years, I’ve found many that really enjoy wearing (and perform well) and an equal number that just don’t do the trick.  I’ve also discovered that as seasons change, so does my primer.  In the spring/summer I use a mattifying/anti-shine  primer to combat excess oil.  In the fall/winter I use a primer that gives my skin a bit of a boost.

Magic Lumi is a product that I actually got to sample in December at a L’Oréal Paris event.  I didn’t actually purchase it until recently.

Magic Lumi primer from L'Oréal Paris

Package insert info:

“Magic Lumi light infusing primer is a unique light formula that blends seamlessly into skin to boost its liveliness and luminosity.  Texture is smooth and toned for a natural looking complexion.  Use it alone for a supply, dewy look or mix with foundation for an all over radiant finish.”

My thoughts:

Magic Lumi primer

Magic Lumi primer-nice finish!

I love the way this primer applies-very smooth and it makes my skin appear slightly luminous-which I prefer over a “dewy” look.  For me, Magic Lumi is a great everyday primer-light on the skin, absorbs quickly and has a great finish.  This product is definitely going into my winter rotation.  The price isn’t out of control either-I paid $15.00 CAD for this product.

What’s your experience with primers?  Are they a ‘staple’ item for you?


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  • Lacey

    This is so pretty! 🙂 I am currently on a no-buy, so I will be picking this up in a few months 😉

    • meredith

      @Lacey- the Magic Lumi products are making me pretty happy. I will be reviewing the concealer soon.

  • Kimberly

    I love primers and I have several. Why I don’t use them, I don’t know! I think I’m just hoarding them. The one you are reviewing is one I have seen in stores too. Now I know it can be added to my growing primer stash. 😉

    • meredith

      @Kimberly I was actually shocked that I like this-I am pretty picky about primers and have tried sooooo many. It’s great though! I actually picked up the Magic Lumi Concealer as well and will be reviewing that soon.

  • Joanne

    Is this product available in Canada? If so where?

    • meredith

      @Joanne I can only speak for Toronto-I’ve seen it in Shoppers, PharmaPlus, and Walmart

  • Sue L. Huffines

    Where can I buy L’Oreal luminous primer in Ocala, FL? I have looked at CVS, Walgreens, Publix, and WalMart and cannot find. I tried to find it online and was told it is sold out.

    Sue Huffines

    • meredith

      @Sue-I forwarded your inquiry to L’Oreal….I’m not sure if these products are available in the US! I’ll send you an email if I hear anything. I think you would be pleased with this product