No love affair with my hair-Review of Marc Anthony 2nd Day Revitalizer

I am a huge fan of dry shampoo!  Since I choose to be blonde, I am on a pretty tight maintenance schedule.  Washing my hair everyday is not an option-it seems to fade the color a lot faster than I would like.  Plus I have had more than one stylist tell me that washing your hair every day (or even every other day) is terrible for your hair AND scalp.  It took me a couple of years to latch onto that theory, but I’ve done so and had terrific results and ‘compliant’ hair.


I have tried several dry shampoos (Tresemme, Toni& Guy, Suave, Batiste, Pssssst) in the past, but tend to gravitate towards my old standby, Batiste.  It smells pleasant and gets the job done.  However as I was breezing by the haircare aisle in Pharma Plus recently, 2nd day revitalizer caught my eye.  It was probably the packaging. 

This product is a bit different from most ‘sprays’ as it is in a pump spray.  The dry shampoos that I have used in the past have either been aerosol or powder, with aerosol  being my first choice.  I took a quick glance and silently apologized to the Batiste can glaring at me. 

Man, I wish I had gotten the Batiste. 

I also wish I had read the directions (and followed them):

Apply to dry hair.  Gently mist hair from roots to ends until hair is slightly damp.  Use brush of choice and blow dry to finish your style in minutes.  For a more natural finish, let air dry.

!!! Blowdryer?  I have never used a dryer with my aerosol and powder dry shampoos.  You see, I only paid attention to the second sentence in these directions…..yeah, I wanted a more ‘natural finish.’ Yeah, sure.  Um, no.  It’s kind of like reading the ingredients on a package of food.  You always pay attention the first ingredient! 

So I applied the mist, worked it through my hair….waited for it to dry and combed through (again, didn’t use a brush.  My elementary school teacher mother would wag her finger and say, “Read the directions.”) My hair doesn’t feel clean.  It feels heavy-just as oily.

My one bright spot in this review would be the fragrance.  To me, this smells like one of those Victoria Secret type body mists-probably the PINK brand that smell all fresh with some type of tropical fruit.  I am not sure why they put that particular fragrance into a dry shampoo but it does smell quite lovely.

I may give this product another try and actually use the dryer….but I will be picking up my fave Batiste sooner rather than later.  Hopefully, Batiste will forgive my adulterous encounter. 


What’s your opinion of dry shampoo? 

Do you use it-have a favorite? Tell me!

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  • Donna Marie

    I’ve tried the Marc Anthony one too. Not my favourite either! Did not soak up the oils at all!

    • meredith

      @DonnaMarie-you’re not kidding! And the day after I used it….my hair was feeling horrible!

  • Leesh

    I really hate washing my hair. I hate having wet hair but at the same time, I hate having to stand there and blowdry it. So dry shampoo is a savior for in-between washes. I like Oscar Blandi’s dry shampoo and for a drug store kind – John Frieda Anytime Volume Refresher.

    • meredith

      @Leesh I have used the John Frieda-I like the scent. I am thinking about trying the powder that Principessa came out with. I have also used the cake powder….it’s okay but I wasn’t in love.

  • Veroe

    No wonder it doesn’t absorb oil, it is a 2nd hair REVITALIZER. Marc Anthony have a dry shampoo but this is not one. Go on their website and watch their vid for this product to know how to use it 🙂

    • meredith

      @Veroe ahhhhhh thank you so much for this comment! I did go to the website like you suggested. I still don’t like the product!

  • Christine

    This product is great for those who have frizzy/curly hair as you do not need to brush it through, just spray and crunch. I do sometime straighten my hair, then I use a true dry shampoo which works much better on thiose days.