I grow to love Le Blanc De Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base

I bought this product after a makeup artist from Chanel used it on me last year.  I loved that look-it was super chic.

When I got the product home and tried to replicate the look, it was a miserable failure.  Frustrated, Le Blanc sat in one of my drawers.  Then the weather got colder, and I ran out of primer and the rest is history.


This product is just lovely!  It’s a nice moisture ‘boost’ with light reflecting properties to give my skin just the right amount of luminousity (gosh is that a word?).  I appreciate it now more than when I bought it.

I am going to attribute some of my negative first impressions to the fact that I didn’t take the time to learn how to use the product properly.  I USED to think that primer was primer, and base was base-but that isn’t necessarily so.  Every product isn’t exactly like the next.   Once I took the time to learn how to apply the base, I loved it. It performed as it should have!

So-while I do love the base, this is not a HG product for me.  I base (hahaha get it base) that mostly on price.  Chanel is a luxury brand and I do love to indulge but I’m willing to save up for this for next winter.

What do you think of Blanc De Chanel? Do you find that you treat every product ‘individually’? Do you read the instructions in regards to technique/application of the product or do you just slop it on like I used to?

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  • ElaineA

    Never tried it before, so it’s a primer but has a special application? I hate when that happens though, you buy a product based on how nicely the makeup artist puts it on you and then you can’t replicate the look at home! That always happens to me. That and hair after leaving the salon 😛

    • meredith

      @Elaine-I use it like a primer but its an ‘illuminating base’ I talked to one of the MUA at Chanel and he said that you can mix this product with your foundation or apply it before. I apply it before my foundation and let it absorb. I find when I mix it with the foundation my foundation doesn’t apply well.

  • amelia

    The only thing I’ve ever tried from Chanel is a blush, (which was awesome btw) but thanks for letting us know! I’m always looking for a glow;)

    • meredith

      @Amelia- I have a blush too and it is quite wonderful. I am not thrilled with their eyeshadows-they tend to crease on me even with primer!