Smoothing it out with L’Oréal Magic Souffle Blush

I think I am the last person on this Earth to try out mousse type products.  It’s probably because I can’t get past the texture.

While I was in the local Rexall, I decided to take advantage of a BOGO promotion going on. One of the products I picked up was L’Oréal Magic Souffle Blush in 802 Cherubic.

Here’s how it looks:

One thing I learned VERY quickly is that ‘a little goes a long way’ when it comes to a mousse type product.  Look what happened when I tried to swatch this:


and then tried to blend….

aaaah! Disaster!

So while I will have to perfect my  *ahem* technique….I do like this product.  The color is pretty-it applies quite smoothly and (after repeated attempts and plenty of practice), it is a nice ‘flushed’ look.


Anyone else tried this product? Are you a mousse or souffle type gal?


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  • Larie

    Mousse blushes are intriguing to me! I need to try one.

    • meredith

      @Larie-you should! The L’Oreal blush won’t break the bank 🙂

  • Leesh

    I find mousse or souffle blushes tricky. I laughed when I saw how much product you put on your hand and I was like “she’s in trouble now”.

    • meredith

      @Leesh I was laughing when I realized what I had done!

  • Alison M

    Truthfully, I am a liquid or powder girl at heart. I’m not much for cream shadows foundations. But this color is simply gorgeous! Have fun with it 🙂

    • meredith

      @Alison-I haven’t ever used liquid blush. Are you referring to the benefit tints by chance? I have always wanted to try those!
      I am trying to be more open minded with all these new technological advances-creams, mousse, foundation that comes out of a can. There’s so much to try!