Carbon Black Intense Eyeliner from L’Oréal Paris

I haven’t given up on gel eyeliner just yet but geez it’s frustrating that I haven’t mastered that technique.  I would love to have winged liner or a kitten flick.  It’s so chic!

So until I master the gel, L’Oréal has given me another option-this awesome pencil!

This pencil has 2 ends-the ‘pencil’ end and then a ‘smudge’ end

So-what do I love about this pencil?

-no tugging

-smooth application-applies easily

-bold color

-smudge option

-stays in place

So-until I am able to master the gel liner, L’Oréal Carbon Black it is!



Gel and liquid liner fans-is it really true that all it takes is practice? I have watched tutorial after tutorial and have tried a lot of different products but am still having issues with technique!  Any secrets you care to share?

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  • Alicia

    It’s true, I swear! I tried for 2 yrs before I finally got the hang of it. I also love that pencil though. It’s smooth like a gel but in pencil form. My personal favourite type of liner is liquid liner and I love Physician’s Formula Eye Booster pen.
    Keep practicing

    • meredith

      @Alicia I will keep practicing! I have the PF lash booster but to be honest, I am less than impressed by PF. Their products don’t seem to work for me-and I mean from the eyeliners to the powders and everything in between. They are just ‘eh’ for me. For now, I’ll stick to the carbon black and maybe give the Annabelle liquid a shot.