Settling down at SITAMAA for a loooong overdue pedicure!

I was way overdue for a pedicure. I tend to delay them in the winter months-brushing it off with a ‘Who’s going to see my feet anyway.’  Well, since I am involved in yoga/pilates and changing my clothes at the gym or my socks after a cycling class-it seems like quite a few people (could potentially) see my feet.

Currently, I am a weekend Tweeter and while browsing my timeline recently, came across a tweet from SITAMAA spa.  I decided to reply and thought ‘hey why not?’ This place is in my ‘hood.  I booked myself in for the deluxe pedicure because I knew these tootsies needed a ton of work!

I arrived at the spa 10 minutes early-it’s located on the upper level of the Manulife Centre (Bloor-Yorkville) neighborhood.  SITAMAA has been in business for over 2 years (but I had never been there!).  The front desk person was friendly enough and offered me tea right away.  She took my coat and ran the water for my pedicure right away.  Before I get into the service, lets take a look at the space:

So first impressions? I’m not sure who designed the space, but whomever it was, they were quite clever.  Treatment rooms are located behind the curtains in the hallway, but you wouldn’t know that (hence the curtain).  The sound system is amazing and music is playing throughout the spa as they are located in a high traffic area within the Manulife Centre.  The space itself has a ‘fresh’ feel to it-contemporary but welcoming and you don’t feel squished.  What really caught my eye is how pristine the spa is.  I couldn’t find even one speck of dirt on the white cushions or walls.  ANYWHERE (and I was looking too).  Cleanliness is important to me and it must be important to SITAMAA as well.  Huge thumbs up!

The service itself was divine.  I am sure the therapist would’ve agreed-my feet needed a lot of work, but they were in tip-top shape when finished.   There was  a fantastic massage with oil and lotion that was the perfect amount of pressure.  I happen to enjoy Aveda foot lotion so that made it even better (I own the hand and foot relief lotion).

Who is behind SITAMAA?  This lovely lady:

Lady Vee of SITAMAA


How lovely of this busy woman to sit down and speak with me about her business, vision, and values.  We talked for awhile and here’s what I came out of our conversation with.

This woman cares about her spa and her clients. 

That may seem like a very vague or blasé statement.  Yeah she cares, so what?

Well the “so-what” is what sets SITAMAA apart-it’s in the details from start to finish.  From the moment you put one foot into Sitamaa, from the time you leave, your experience is unique (and relaxing of course).    This falls right in line with the fact that SITAMAA is an Aveda concept spa-that your treatment(s) is/are an entire sensory experience.

From Vee:

“We really touch and connect with people-most rewarding is that our guests really feel our passion  It’s a spa that not only tries to accommodate, but is also  a knowledge centre. We want to build a relationship, and be part of a lifestyle.

SITAMAA was always something that I knew would happen-and I feel proud to own this spa.  It can’t be just this one location-I want to grow, expand and keep servicing more and more guests-allowing our therapists to really make a connection.”

How awesome is that?  I have to say that I really felt the difference-and since the pedicure have been taking extra time to care for my lovely feet.  I also grabbed a spa menu on my way out, as there are some massages I would love to take advantage of.

It’s not just lip service at SITAMAA-go for the experience-you won’t regret it.


Do you have a spa that you just love? What do you look for in a ‘good’ spa?



*pictures used with permission. *

*Service was purchased by me and opinions are my own!*

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  • Amanda

    Nice! looks stylish. I wish you had taken a pic of the finished pedicure! I really need to get a mani, maybe I’ll visit here.

    • meredith

      @Amanda-I thought about doing that but still a little self conscious about showing the toes. You should go!

  • Vee Mistry

    Hi Amanda, thank you for your kind words about our spa. We would love to have you come in and visit us, please let us know when you can pop in for some Zen relaxation!