Holistic Vanity Launch Event!

I have raved about Pure and Simple several times-so when I received an invitation to a launch event for the new line of skin products for rosacea, I jumped at the chance to attend!  It was held at the Bata Shoe Museum-absolutely perfect!

Here’s what I looked like going in-not that it matters a ton, but I rather liked my ensemble so there!

Hair by Dylan (of hair n after) and makeup by moi!

And the back of the updo:

Yay-look at the string hanging out of my dress…..#fail.

Now, for the space-this was just a lovely setup-cozy yet enough room to move.

Guests mingling, sampling, noshing

tealights on each of the stairs-nice touch!


Presentation space

Glasses for anti-inflammatory tea! No alcohol here-it tends to inflame sensitive skin!

Kristen gave a brief presentation on the new line-why she created it, what the products are intended for (during which she was staring at me….I later found out that apparently I am the ‘Poster Pitta’-people with Rosacea often have a strong Pitta component, Ayurvedically speaking). She answered questions afterward-people were picking her brain!

Before and after the talk, there were opportunities to try all of the products (and purchase them at a discount), as well as have tea and Hors d’oeuvres.  David’s Tea was also on hand with 2 fantastic teas to try (and so nice to meet Anna from David’s Tea!)

Kristen also had door prizes, which were incredible!  I didn’t win any, but Elaine of TOBeauty Reviews certainly did.  And what’s a launch event without an awesome gift bag?

lovely gifts from Holistic Vanity Launch!

I am so excited to try the products in the bag!  I had a great time at this event and learned so much!  I am looking forward to more from Holistic Vanity!

These products are available for purchase at Pure and Simple!  Make sure you visit the Holistic Vanity website, as it has had a makeover and looks incredible!

Thanks to Kristen, Pure and Simple Staff, and all who put their effort into making this launch a success! I had a great time!



How’s your skin doing these days? Would a line specifically tailored to your skin concerns be of interest to you?


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  • ElaineA

    Great post! It really was a great night and I noticed you chuckling when Kristen was talking about Pitta personalities 😛 don’t worry we all have Pitta within us!!

    • meredith

      @Elaine- I was. I went back and read about Pitta in Kristen’s book and it should’ve just said “Here’s how Meredith acts” lol.

      It was nice to see you but I am still jealous you won an AWESOME prize!

  • Mama Dukes

    Yum, David’s Tea!

    • meredith

      @Mama Dukes it’s quite good! I actually bought the hot lips cinnamon tea and then recently the love tea which is chocolate and strawberries