an eye-raising experience at MYNC!

One of my biggest issues on this face of mine has always been my brows.  I have worked hard to educate myself (taking the High Brow workshop with Miss Donna Marie), purchasing all sorts of brow related products.

Well I got educated when I visited MYNC!

From the website:

“MYNC lash lounge and brow bar is the original lash and brow destination. Always fresh and creative, and never mass produced, we create a look completely inspired by your own unique features.  And because this is all we do, we do it best.”

My “brow whisperer” Lisa took me through brow-ology101 by taking a good hard look at them and giving me the honest truth!  Not only were my brows asymmetric, they were also quite sparse in the middle (Okay, okay-so I got a little tweezer happy).  She gave me some suggestions, and got right down to the nitty gritty.

Step 1: brow tint

Lisa's custom mixed brow tint-kind of reminds me of when I am getting close to finishing my Frappucino!

After applying the tint, I waited about 5 minutes, and then off it came.

Step 2: Shaping

Then Lisa got to work shaping and working on my brows.  She was very thorough-I had chosen waxing over threading (next time, I may try threading).  She gave me some homework while doing this-to include using Bio Oil (who would’ve thought) to encourage growth in my sparse areas and absolutely NOT touching my eyebrows in-between appointments.

Step 3: the polish and finesse

After she was finished, she used MYNC’s own brand of concealer (in a convenient trio) and their brow palette to polish off my look!

I absolutely loved the work Lisa did!  I was thrilled with the thorough consultation and open to her suggestions/tips.  These ladies know exactly what they’re doing and I can appreciate that!  The space is beautiful, and you will walk in and leave feeling and looking like a million.  I already booked my next eyebrow appointment and hope to have shown Lisa that I ‘did my homework.’

They also have a lovely retail area behind the front counter where you can purchase their secret agent concealer, brow pro palette, goggles to protect your eyelash extensions (now that’s brilliant), eye makeup remover that won’t ruin your fresh extensions, and mascara for lash extensions.  They also sell Lip Macarons by MOR and Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair Cleaning Spray.

My Lip Macaron MOR in Blood Orange

I suggest you do the same as MYNC books up rather quickly!  It’s conveniently located in Yorkville at 104 Yorkville Avenue, 2nd floor.  Check out their website!

                                                       (Nathalie & company)

What’s your brow routine? Do you have your own ‘brow whisperer?’

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  • Leesh

    That Bio-Oil tip is interesting, who would have thought. I’ll have to try it out. One of my brows needs help with re-growth.

    • meredith

      @Leesh I have started using it and laid off my tweezers and I am seeing results. Give it a try!

  • Julia

    I’m curious about how long you noticed the brow tint? I had it done once and it seemed like it faded really fast. Also, great tip on the Bio Oil! I’m starting that tonight!

    • meredith

      @Julia my tint is still going strong-its been over a month. My experience at MYNC was very different. My tint was custom mixed and left on for a very specific amount of time. I like MYNC because all they do are eyebrows and lash extensions! They know their stuff!

  • Lisa Ma

    Hi Meredith:

    It was a great pleasure meeting you at MYNC Lash Lounge and Brow Bar several weeks back. I stumbled onto your blog and saw the flattering review you gave me. Thank you so much for your comments.

    This is a quick note to let you know that I am no longer with MYNC and am working from home for the time being.

    Please contact me if you need any help on Eyelash Extensions, Brow Shaping and Permanent Makeup.

    My contact is 416-8-871-7789 or email:

    Thank you again and hope to see you again soon.

    Lisa Ma