Getting (skin) fit with Dermalogica-Skin Savvy skin fitness!

Regular blog readers know how much I love Dermalogica Skin Savvys.  They are a great opportunity to learn, meet new people, and pamper myself with dermalogica products!

This Skin Savvy was no different-it was all fitness/health/wellness related.  I loved it (of course).

Plenty of nibbles & drinks were on hand-including Raaw Sushi and one of the most delectable cheese platter ever from the Village Cheesemonger. 

Let’s jump right into the speakers….first up was Trainer Jay from Wedding Barbells.  He gave a fantastic presentation about fitness/health (his niche is getting brides to be fit!) and also his top 10 tips for fat loss, which are:

1. Don’t eliminate fat

2. Have a balanced fat intake

3.  Get rid of cortisol (stress)

4.  Have a healthy gut

5.  Support digestion

6.  Detoxification

7.  Eat breakfast

8.  Cereal is NOT a healthy breakfast

9.  Strength train

10.  Interval train

I had to ask him about eating nuts because he kept mentioning it.  A handful of nuts is like a bijillion calories but Jay assured me these were “better” calories and to think of them as my healthy oils.  I’m still on the fence about that!

Next up was the lovely Charmaine, who spoke about the importance of good ‘skin fitness.’  We were treated to a hands on demo of how to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize.  It was heavenly!


And how about the awesome gift bag-keep in mind, I ended up purchasing several items, which also earned me a ‘bonus’ kit:

Had a great time at this event-and learned a lot about keeping my skin healthy

Big thanks to Emily, Amanda, Charmaine at Dermalogica, Isabel at Union, Jay at Wedding Barbells, Raaw Sushi, and The Village Cheesemonger!

How do you keep your skin healthy?  What’s your routine?

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