Journeys along the PATH system: Pandora rings-one of my new obsessions

The PATH system is a blessing and a curse.  It’s a blessing because it allows me to travel from the subway to my workplace without having to endure the elements (although this winter has been surprisingly kind).  The ‘curse’ side is that there are SOOOOO many wonderful shops to wander in and out of along the way, and in my case, on my lunch break.

I was gifted a Pandora bracelet from my M-I-L several years ago and I do love it.  It’s a pricey love though-the beads can be as much as several hundred dollars each!  I am slowly building my bracelet.  Slowly.

SO imagine my delight when I saw the ring display and all of the stacking rings.  *squeal*

I’m in love with the fact that these rings are super versatile.  The combinations are unique and everything just works together.  I could spend hours pouring over the display and looking at the different styles together (as the entire collection is there to peruse).

I only ended up purchasing one ring, but I am considering that my ‘starter’ ring.  I have already tried stacking it with several other rings in the store and know I’ll be back for more.

So PATH system you have given me another good reason to walk through!

Pandora-I’ll be back!!



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  • Ande

    I just bought myself the leather pandora bracelet with 2 charms. I was looking at the rings but they didn’t have my size:( it was a shop in niagara that carries pandora not a pandora store. I have a big pandora store in my mall so I know what you mean about obsessing over the rings.

    • meredith

      @Ande I like the leather bracelets too-just trying to control myself. I know if I get into those, it’s all over. My wallet will burst into flames.

  • Marie Christine Farace

    LOVE Pandora rings! I’m so sad that they don’t fit me (I’m a size 4 🙁 ).

    • meredith

      @Marie Christine I am a size 4.5 but found the 5 to fit well. Are you sure they can’t order you a smaller size?

      • Marie Christine Farace

        (Just saw your msg now) Really, they can order a smaller size? You may have saved me from getting another charm! (cyber hug) haha.

  • Cherry

    when did you purchase it? very pretty. too bad only stretchy rings seem to fit me (excluding my iron ring)

    • meredith

      @Cherry I got that ring almost a month ago. Since then I have also picked up a garnet ring that I stack with the band.