Why it’s great to remove your eye makeup in Canada…..

One of the things I absolutely loathe at the end of the day is taking off my eye makeup.  I used to feel like this particular “chore” goes on forever and that even after I am “done”, there’s still makeup there-taunting and teasing me.  Q-tip after Q-tip, cotton pad after cotton pad-I have found myself emptying the trash more frequently.

Even though I still don’t like taking off my makeup, what I have found are several products that make it a heck of a lot easier!

I recently purchased the new  Marcelle Renforcils Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover-and have been using it everyday to remove ALL traces of my eye makeup.

Here’s a bit of info about this gel:

-fortifies your lashes while removing your eye make-up and providing a refreshing sensation to your eye contour.

-Prevent loss of lashes during make-up removal with this refreshing and nourishing gel enriched with a lash fortifying complex.

-Formulated with the latest micellar cleansing technology

-oil-free make-up remover protects and reinforces lashes and will even remove waterproof make-up.

-gentle formula regenerates lash roots, protects, hydrates and repairs lashes in addition to increasing keratin production.

-a gentle superior eye make-up remover enriched with glycerin, cucumber extract and aloe.

*I’ve found that the ‘best’ way for me to use this product is to put a small dab on a round cotton pad, fold the pad in half to distribute the product onto the pad then put half the pad on my eye, wait for 10 seconds, and wipe off. Then I repeat on the other eye.*

Initially when I first started using this product, I was NOT a fan-but I found that it was the texture that was throwing me off.  The micellar technology to me always was equivalent to a liquid, so the gel was a ‘new’ thing.  However, I do find this product to work quite well.  I love it.  It removes EVERYTHING-and it’s exactly what I need!

Of course if you aren’t into gel, Marcelle won’t let you down! Check out these other options!

Essentials Gentle Eye Makeup remover for Sensitive Eyes:

-The half-oil / half-water emulsion of the Gentle Make-Up Remover for Sensitive Eyes is all you need to dissolve waterproof mascara and even the longest-wearing make-up or lipstick.

-This fast eye make-up removal solution also allows you to cleanse your lids gently, without pulling the skin.

-Complete with soothing green tea and cucumber extract

Essentials Oil Free Makeup Remover Lotion:

-No rinse, no grease and no oily sensation around the eye contour.

Essentials Soothing Eye Makeup Remover Gel:

-Derived from corn sugar, the non-irritating dissolving agent quickly removes make-up without any discomfort. The non-sticky, non-greasy gel formula leaves skin fresh and revived

Essentials Eye Makeup Remover Cloths:

Pre-moistened cloths are the fastest way to go to remove long-wearing make-up and waterproof mascara quickly and efficiently without irritating eyes.

Gentle on the delicate eye contour skin, these soft cloths are dampened with an oil-free lotion that leaves your eye contour fresh and clean.

Things you should know (and love) about Marcelle Eye Makeup Remover products:

-Tested under ophthalmological control
-Tested under dermatological control
-Paraben free
-Perfume free

Treat your eyes right-you only have 2! 

How do you “treat” your eyes?  Do you have a favorite eye makeup remover?


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  • Angela

    Great review! I’m currently using the Marcelle Soothing Cleansing Water and pretty happy with it, but was really curious about this one.

    • meredith

      @Angela-I love that cleansing water too. The gel is great. Different texture!

  • Sonia Melidoni

    I discovered your blog a few months ago when looking up product reviews for Miracle10 Skincare, which I have been using since last summer. I gotta tell you your blog is great! Thanks for bringing us up-to-date on the latest and greatest in make-up, etc.

    As for Marcelle eye make-up remover liquid I find good and an excellent price, but I hate their bottle design. For the first few times, I found myself having to wipe of the excess spillage coming from the awkward spout. What I do now is unscrew the top and directly apply the cotton pad over the bottle neck.

    I am running lows I may just try the Renforcils gel as you recommended. I will keep you posted on my thoughts about this one.

    My all time favorite will always be Lancome’s Bi-facils.

    • meredith

      @Sonia-what a great thing to say! Thanks so much! Do you love your Miracle10 like I do? It really did wonders for brightening my skin and hydrating it as well. What is your experience with the brand? I’d love to know!

      I like the gel remover and it’s growing on me but I really have a soft spot for my soothing cleansing water. Either way, Marcelle is #1 in my book for makeup removers! I’ve tried the Lancome product and I still prefer the Marcelle. Marcelle does make a bi-phasic remover…..

  • kathy

    i used to use eye makeup remover but now i use an oil cleanser so i don’t even need it anymore because it removes all traces of everything! best time saver ever 🙂

    • meredith

      @kathy I have an oil cleanser but I don’t use it in my eye area! What’s your favorite oil?

  • Cares

    Great review! I am becoming quite impressed with how Marcelle has stepped up their game, making them one of the ones to watch on both the Canadian and global makeup market. Not just with their skin care line, or with their BB Cream which I am a solid user and fan of … but with their eye shadow and face makeup lines …
    I have tried the Marcelle makeup remover, alas .. did not work for me. I have tried most brands, including the ever present gwp Lancome Bi Facil … never did like …
    The only remover that I have found in 30 yrs of wearing/removing eye makeup including waterproof mascara .. is AVON’s eye makeup remover. Creamy, non oily .. like you I dollop about a dime’s worth onto a cotton pad (this will do both eyes) … saturate each eye for about 5 – 10 seconds, let it marinade and then wipe off. Leaves my eyes feeling clean, the skin soft (and as a mature makeup wearer, moisture is so important for me these days around the inner corner and eyelids:).

    Am really enjoying both your blog and your videos:) It’s refreshing to see and listen to clear reviews… good humour:) and new information rather than that same boring rhetoric that seems to have inundated YouTube, for the less than imaginative beauty vloggers.


    • meredith

      @Cares you know, that Avon eye makeup remover has quite a cult following. You aren’t the only one to tell me that they swear by that. I will have to check it out. I must say that Avon has also recently taken some big steps forward in terms of quality of products and variety. They also seem to be staying up with the trends which I can truly appreciate. I am lucky enough to have an Avon representative that comes to my office-I will be posting about her in the future because I believe she is an amazing person!

      As far as Marcelle/Annabelle….I really like the majority of their products. I use their eyeliners/smoothie pencils-they are a staple. They make them in every color imaginable and besides being so affordable, apply so well and last a long time! I do like their makeup removers-I am sold on the soothing water and the gel has grown on me for sure!

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I love blogging! I feel like it’s super important to get honest reviews. I never buy a beauty product without going online and checking for reviews. I try to be as ‘truthful’ as possible!

      Thanks for commenting!