Caryl Baker Visage Welcome to Paradise Collection!

There’s a Caryl Baker Visage in the PATH system.  I pass by it practically everyday.  Once in awhile, I have stopped by to get my eyebrows “done” and purchased an OPI polish or two there.  There’s makeup available but I never looked at it for very long-just didn’t see anything that caught my eye.

Recently I had the opportunity to try some new items from the Spring 2012 Welcome to Paradise Collection.

First impressions are important-and I have to say that I loved the packaging! Sleek and simple.  The lipstick case really impressed me.  When the top is removed, a little mirror flips up-how clever!

Eyeshadow trio; from left mystical, Dream on, Coco-Loco

Blush in Wowee Maui (forgive ragged cuticles)


Bali sparkle powder-haven't tried this (yet)


lipstick in Coral Crush


lipservice lip gloss in First Kiss

So it looks fantastic-but is it worth it?  Well, I’ve used the eyeshadow trio and blush several times and I have to say it is.  Now, upon viewing the entire collection, the trio that I have isn’t my first choice-strictly based on colors available.  The quality is there though-the shadows have more than decent color payoff and apply well.  It’s not “cheap.”

I also enjoyed the blush-again, not my first choice color wise, but decent color and easy application.

I didn’t have good luck with the lipstick-I found it to  be a bit drying on my lips.  The packaging really drew me in so I may try the lipstick in another color.  That pop up mirror is just brilliant!

The lip service gloss is an item that I picked up on my own.  I felt a tingle when I applied it so I can only assume it’s a plumping gloss (it’s got that cinnamon taste to it).  It’s a beautiful pink and looks wonderful on its own OR layered.

As an entire collection, I will say Caryl Baker has stepped up-in terms of color selection, and packaging.  I am going to go back and check out the rest of the collection. I can see myself wearing this makeup-it’s good quality with a decent amount of pigmentation.  It’s definitely “swatch-worthy” so if you are near a Caryl Baker Visage, at least try it out!





*Several products sent for consideration/review.  Opinions are my own*

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