Pantene puts some bounce in my hair with Aqualight!

I attempt to take more than great care of my hair.  Especially because I am a FIRM believer  that ‘Blondes have more fun’  So when I was invited by Janine of BeautyGeeks to join Pantene at Shagg Salon for a blow-out event I jumped at the chance!

Before I get too far into the event and products, let me back up and talk about my hair. My hair is fine but I have a LOT of hair.  I have hair complaints like everyone else (the main one being it’s not long enough) but overall, I rather like my hair.  I have blonde for years and I am on a rather strict maintenance schedule-let’s face it, blondes require a lot of care/maintenance.  I’m willing to put in the effort too.  I am on a 6-8 week trim/color schedule-I use almost all of the recommended products by my stylist.  I may even be considered (if I may be so bold) a stylist’s “dream” client.  I follow the “rules” when it comes to haircare.

Shagg Salon is located in Yorkville which is only a hop, skip, and jump away from me.  It was  a beautiful sunny day too!  Even better!  I arrived and was greeted by Janine, Justin (stylist at Shagg Salon who works with Pantene), the Pantene ‘team’ and the lovely ladies from msl group.  There were refreshments (to include an ‘Aqualight’ cocktail which was blue and so delicious that I slurped it down before taking a photo)- what a treat!

So here are the 3 products that make up the AquaLight collection:

Told you it was sunny!

From Pantene:

The New Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light collection offers a specially formulated lightweight shampoo, conditioner and weightless conditioning shake.   The Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light line is designed for all women that desire lightweight hair that’s full of body and natural movement, but have experienced that conditioning systems can leave their hair feeling weighed down.

Pantene AquaLight Shampoo:

-Free of heavy ingredients that can work against achieving natural, free-flowing hair     movement

-lightly Conditions to nourish hair (when wet) and cleanses gently

-instantly leaves hair fresh, clean and light

-Silicone free, dye-free, paraben free  formula

Pantene AquaLight Conditioner:

-Dye free, paraben free

-conditions/nourishes completely and rinses away in seconds

-gentle enough to use on permed/color-treated hair

Pantene AquaLight Weightless Conditioning Shake:

-Dual phase shake providing weightless conditioning and heat protection.

-detangles and prepares hair for styling

So off we went to be shampooed, conditioned, and styled with AquaLight.  During the presentation, I must have had a big ‘ol smirk on my face because Justin told me I would be ‘going first.’  I have to be straight up honest and say I was skeptical.  I am a bit of a hair product ‘snob.’  I am used to using salon products and getting salon results from a stylist or other hair professional. How could a drug-store product possibly compare to my salon products?

As I sat at the shampoo sink and began to be shampooed and conditioned, I have to say it was better than average shampoo.  The scent is what I would expect of Pantene (and if you don’t know what I mean, pop into your local drugstore/grocery store and smell).  The two words that come to mind are light and crisp.  Both the shampoo and conditioner lathered well and rinsed clean.

Here is the lovely lady who styled my hair:

She applied the conditioner shake (the product I was most intrigued about) and got to work with the blow-dry.  Now of course, professional results are ALWAYS better (hence the professional part)-but I was still smirking about the products.  Seriously, are these 3 going to make a difference?

How pleasantly surprised I was with the results!  You may have seen my ‘swish’ photo recently on twitter and because it’s my absolute favorite, I’ll show it to you again:

After the blow dry, a MUA was on-hand for touch ups (as you can tell, my face looks flawless!)

So my verdict?  If you like the lightweight, bouncy, clean feeling-then you SHOULD get these products! They are lightweight, and rinse clean-and of course, a great value.

Random shot of Janine getting her dry-on (I’m convinced this is her most favorite face):

And finally, a group shot-I’m lucky that I got to part of the ‘pretty girls’ group-aren’t these women absolutely STUNNING?  One thing to point out-we had different lengths of hair in this group.  Look at how great we all look-some girls had curls and they held beautifully for the photo, and some of us had volume (my true love).  Thumbs up Pantene!

Huge thanks to Janine, Pantene, and msl group  for inviting me, and Shagg Salon for hosting!

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  • Janine . BEAUTYGEEKS

    Thanks for coming, lady! It was fun to spend a bit of time with you — I love our goofy photos! And I’m so glad you enjoyed the experience and are happy with the products — win, win!


    • meredith

      @Janine Thanks for inviting me. I appreciate it and had such a good time!

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