Taking George’s cream for a spin around the office-and offsite too!

I work in an office in an administration capacity.  I handle a lot of paper, do a lot of typing, and occasionally talk on the phone. So of course my hands get dry.  I have used MANY MANY MANY different types of hand creams.  They all seem to work at first (especially when I have a paper cut-OWWWW), but I find many of them leave me wanting more.  They’re either too runny, too thick, don’t absorb well, or absorb too fast.  Before I know it, I’m  dry again and needing to re-apply.

For the love of Pete……how many times do I have to reapply throughout the day?

George’s cream has come to my rescue!

George Doherty, the man behind George's Cream

From George’s Brochure:

-Made in Canada!

-George’s Cream was created by pharmacist George Doherty for lasting dry skin relief

-George’s Cream is gentle enough to use everyday and works for people with sensitive skin

-George’s Cream is made without Urea, Lanolin, Parabens and is hypoallergenic and fragrance free

-George’s Cream is not tested on animals!

I tried both of these creams and prefer the ‘light’ version for the office.  The regular version I used practically all winter long-especially on my feet.  This was the first winter I didn’t worry about what my feet looked like during yoga.  My heels were smooth and soft!

So after discovering the secret to hydrated, moisturized skin….I took George’s Light cream to the office for some of my coworkers to try:

Liz, The polished EA:

Meet Liz…a petite, brunette 20-something who works her behind off for one of the Executives.  She organizes the majority of company events (and probably with her eyes closed-she’s THAT good), goes to school part time, just bought a condo AND is getting married!  Yup all that, and she has a great attitude and is one of the best shoppers ever!  You want a “Liz” in your office-trust me.

Here’s Liz using George’s Light:

What does Liz think about George’s Light hand cream?

“I really like its ability to give me relief of my dry, itchy hands almost immediately!  George’s cream gives my hands the moisture and hydration they crave.  This cream is suited for everyone-whether you suffer from skin conditions or not. George’s cream is very moisturizing and for anyone who desires soft skin. “

Bill-The ‘veteran’ PM

You don’t get them any more experienced than Bill.  He’s a real trooper.  Besides commuting 2 hours (each way) to work, he’s in the office no later than 7:30am.  He knows his stuff-both in the office and when at a job site.  NO ONE messes with Bill-and if they did, I wouldn’t be surprised if they:

a.  Disappeared

b.  Never worked in this town again

So let’s take a look at some of the ‘job sites’ Bill goes to:

As you can see, these are not ‘clean, neat’ places….but because Bill is the dedicated, all around great guy that he is….he’s out there, getting the job done.  But what about his hands?  Well as you can imagine, they could use some TLC.

That’s where I came in!  I left a bottle of George’s light on my desk-in the coveted spot right next to Mr. Potato Head no less…for Bill, (Jim, and Liz) to use.

Here’s what he had to say about George’s and a picture of his hands:

“I have always had difficulty with my fingers cracking in the cold weather especially if I am out a lot. There are medicated creams that help somewhat but it has been difficult to find a non medicated cream to have the same benefit in preventing the cracking or in minimizing the effects of it. George’s Special Moisturizing Lotion has helped with this problem as well as medicated creams have. I prefer the Light version as the consistency makes it easier to use. I think it would benefit anyone with moderate exposure to wet and cold in the winter.”

Jim “The working man”

And then there’s Jim-he sits in front of Bill in the office.  Like Bill, Jim is a well seasoned professional and like Bill, Jim can often be found in dirty places (and not in the office) a.k.a. job sites-overseeing and making sure the work gets done.  Bill and Jim are a large part of why paper pushers such as I have a position in the office.  The other thing Bill and Jim share is hands that need a bit of care.

Here’s a peek at where Jim hangs out:

*please note-time stamp on camera is incorrect.  This photo was taken last week!

And here’s what Jim had to say about George’s cream and a photo of his hands:

“I like it.” (Jim has been out of the office most of the week working off site).

So in my office-George’s cream gets a lot of well hydrated and moisturized thumbs up!!

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What’s your go-to moisturizer?  Why do you like it so much?





*PR sample sent for consideration.  All my opinions (and my coworkers) are my own

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  • Cherry

    Love this post!! Now that I know it’s made in Canada, I like this cream even more. I love how detailed Jim’s comment was. Definitely to the point. But really, which cream is made of urea? Please tell me so I’ll never buy it.

    • meredith

      @Cherry just check the instructions. Most creams do contain parabens, lanolins, and urea. Or you can just stop by my desk and use the cream. You know where it is-right next to Mr. Potato Head!