Mark this in your calendars! Monday, May 7th 2012 deal: ebeauty tote-pinch me please!

I love a good deal…..but sometimes I wonder-is it just like the old adage, “too good to be true?”

Honestly ladies, if you are able to take advantage of this, you need to.  I really have no idea why you wouldn’t.  Mark this date down on your calendars-it’s already in mine!

Check this out:

I couldn’t believe this when I saw it….I actually had to read my email again.  It’s true.

So here’s the deal:

You get a tote bag full of products including:


-Tan Towel


-Perricone MD


-EF Studios


-100% Pure


Now anyone who knows even just a teeny bit about any of these products KNOWS that these are high end products with $$$ retail prices.  In my case, just my 100% Pure eye cream sells for $30.00. That’s on it’s own.

Well the time has come-stop drooling over this picture and the contents of this bag and order one already!  You’re dying to know how much, aren’t you…..

The contents of the bag retail for over $350.00 CAD…..but on Monday, May 7th (while quantities last of course), you can get this bag and it’s contents for $30.00.

Yes, I said $30.00.  It’s true….


Head over to to snag yours!  They’ll be gone before you know it!

* also offers free shipping over $50.00!


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  • Anna L

    Ah-mazing! Thanks for posting this. I’m buying mine now! (I just want the tote! lol)

    • meredith

      @Anna TOTALLY! I love the tote on it’s own. The products that come in it are just an added bonus. Most of the items in the bag retail at $20.00+. Good stuff!