Solevation Salvation! Solevation natural surface scrubbing mat!

Ladies & Gentlemen I have an announcement:

Summer is upon us!  Are YOUR feet ready?

If you had asked me if my feet were “sandal ready” I would have to say NOOOOOOO!  Luckily, there’s a new product available to help you all solve your pedicure woes!

I’m a pretty busy gal.  At any given moment, it’s likely that I have at least 3 “life events” occurring simultaneously.  I would love to have the time to spend an hour at the salon once a week getting a salon pedicure but at this point in time, it’s not an option for me (or my wallet).

So check THIS out:

The Solevation Natural Surface Scrubbing Mat

Solevation Natural Surface Scrubbing Mat

What is it?

Solevation is the natural surface scrubbing mat that offers a convenient effect and secure foot care experience.  Sand for a deep, cleansing scrub and loofah for a buffing, stimulating massage, your soles will be smooth and sandal ready every day (YAY!).  No more bending, balancing, or risking a fall in the tub.  Reduce the need for regular pedicures and stop collecting all those brushes, files and creams that can clutter up  your tub area. 

Solevation Natural Surface Scrubbing Mat

How to use:

1. Place Solevation mat firmly on your bathtub or shower floor surface.

2. While showering, shuffle your feet on the Solevation sand and loofah surfaces.

3.  Pivot your heels, pressing firmly onto the sand surface for a good scrub on rough areas.  Don’t be afraid to scrub hard.

4.  You can curl your toes under and buff your toenails on the loofah surface. 

5.  When you’ve finished showering, rinse off the Solevation mat and press onto the side of your tub or shower wall for drip-drying. 

Other information:

-Extra rough soles may need a few uses before totally smooth

-Depending on usage, the Solevation should last an estimated 9-12 months.


I’ve been using this for a week now and am AMAZED by the results.  This WORKS….works to the point that my aesthetician called and asked me why I hadn’t been in for my regular mani/pedi!


Everyone-you have GOT to try this!  This is a great idea!  Standing in the shower and scrubbing those soles is multitasking at its finest!  It’s a time saver and at risk of making a horrible pun….

Solevation has literally saved my sole(s).  womp womp.

Finally, if you know me at all-you know I have to have a bit of fun with this… here’s a little video for all of you showing how myself and my other half get down with our Solevation mat!


For more information on Solevation:





So I ask you….are YOUR FEET SANDAL READY???

Would you try Solevation?







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  • Julia

    I love the video! How awesome that your husband gets in on it too! I’m really interested in trying out the mat. I normally give myself pedicures because I really don’t like having people touch my feet. I just had my first one on the weekend and honestly feel like it wasn’t better than what I do! The mat would be a good way to extend the time between pedicures.

    • meredith

      @Julia you have got to try this! It really works…and I love it. I use it everyday!